• Extreme and Unique Uses of Air Cooling

    Unknown to many, there is an array of extreme and exciting ways in which air cooling can be used. Beyond the typical use of air cooling systems which function to produce a cool ventilation for indoor businesses, pioneering air-cooling systems … Continue reading

  • The Evolution of Cooling Technology

    Unbelievably, air conditioning and cooling’s roots lay in second-century China. We’ve come a long way since then to now (from 2000), when we can name air conditioning as one of the 10 greatest mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th century. … Continue reading

  • Prepping Your Office for Summer

    Finally, summer appears to be here, and as we prepare for longer days and delicious BBQ’s, ensuring that your employees are healthy and happy in the workplace becomes even more of a priority. Looking at recent statistics, on the 19th … Continue reading