Is it expensive to run evaporative cooling?

October 2 2023

James Patten


Considering running a commercial evaporative cooling system in your business, but worried it might be an expensive option? We’re here to put your mind at rest. Read on to find out why evaporative cooling systems are in fact a budget-friendly cooling solution.

Evaporative cooling uses less electricity

Commercial evaporative cooling systems are designed to be extremely efficient – particularly in large industrial settings such as factories and warehouses.

Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective solution that uses around 90% less energy than traditional air conditioning.

Extremely hot weather or the necessity to have a controlled temperature environment in your building may lead to an increase in electricity bills when running an inefficient, outdated cooling system. Evaporative cooling systems are an effective way to bring this energy cost back down, as they don’t require as much power as some air conditioning units.

Evaporative cooling reduces your carbon footprint

As temperature can greatly affect your building and everything that happens within, ensuring you have an effective cooling solution that saves you money is vital.

Thanks to the efficiency of an evaporative cooling system, your business’s hourly energy use will be hugely reduced (compared to some traditional air conditioning units).

This means that, in addition to reducing your energy bill, a commercial evaporative cooling system will also reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Evaporative cooling offers a high return on investment

Investing in an evaporative cooling system brings financial benefits for your business in both the long and short term. You will see a positive impact on your energy bills from the first month, alongside other benefits offered by evaporative cooling, such as a reduction in the spread of viruses.

To keep your evaporative cooling system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, ensure it is regularly maintained. Evaporative cooling that performs at its optimum levels should save your business money and keep your property cool and temperate for years to come.

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