Finding the Right System to Suit Your Needs


As well as providing industrial heating solutions, Heritage Heating are specialists when it comes to commerical heating solutions. Whether your commercial space is an office, storage facility, leisure centre or a gym, just to name a few, you will need to consider what the best commercial heating system is to suit your specific requirements. This is where Heritage Heating and Cooling can help. Our experts will be able to recommend the most appropriate commercial heating system to you depending on your buildings specifications.

For example, our warm air heating systems are well suited for use in open plan spaces with electronic equipment, such as an office, as air is heated and circulated throughout the building in a much more cost-effective way than traditional radiator and boiler systems. Not only that, the heat produced has a much lower humidity level than traditional heating systems helping to ensure computer equipment lasts longer.

Conversely, if you need a commercial heating system for a space with large ceilings and thin insulation, our experts may recommend one of our Powrmatic heating solutions, which we can also install. Our heating specialists may also recommend commercial gas or oil space heaters or several other branded heating systems, for which we are approved suppliers and installers:

The Benefits of Effective Commercial Heating


Finding the right commercial heating system for your building is a key step on the way to having an effective heating method for your business space. This is not only important for your employees, so that they can work in comfort, it is also important for productivity and creating a suitable working environment that complies with The Workplace Regulations. Having a system that can easily be maintained and controlled, no matter what size the space is you need to heat, is essential.

Radiant Tube Heating Systems

Choosing Heritage Heating and Cooling as Your Commercial Heating Installer


Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling, all our commercial heating contractors are Gas Safe certified when it comes to commercial heating installation. They can help from assisting you in choosing the best system to installing the system for you no matter where you are in the UK. Our business is located in Sileby, however our premium services will reach you no matter where you are based. In the past we have installed commercial heating systems for the likes of New Balance, as well as the Royal Air Force. Whether you need regular maintenance, commercial boiler servicing, or require an urgent heating engineer, our commercial and industrial heating engineers can provide those services to you.


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To save on cost and find the most efficient and eco-friendly solution to your commercial heating requirements, contact one of our friendly experts today. We will not only help you with every step of the process from consultation to installation, we will be at hand for all your commercial heating maintenance and service requirements. Call us on 01509 814 123 or email We look forward to hearing from you.