How Heating Benefits Your Business and Employees

August 2 2022

James Patten


At Heritage Heating & Cooling, we can help you to improve the air quality in your commercial properties and ensure temperatures are at optimal levels. Our work is important to us, because we know that quality heating systems can provide numerous benefits to any business.

Why is correctly installed and well-maintained heating such a benefit to your business and employees? Read on to find out.

It improves energy efficiency

All businesses need to save money wherever possible, so having an efficient heating system is essential. If your heating system is old and becoming unreliable, you could save money in the long run by investing in a new and more efficient system.

Depending on the size and layout of your building, a new heating system could vastly improve the efficiency of the whole building – especially if it’s a large warehouse.

It can be run in an environmentally friendly way

Running an eco-friendly business is a very important consideration within the modern world, and there is increasing pressure within almost all sectors to take steps to be greener wherever possible. Each industry will have its own unique best practises, but the aim is always the same: to reduce negative environmental impact and minimise your carbon footprint.

Your heating system can go a long way towards cementing your eco-friendly status. Using your heating system efficiently and implementing insulation measures – like double glazing or curtain covers to keep the heat in as long as possible – will go a long way towards making your business more environmentally friendly.

You’ll also need to keep your heating systems maintained and in good repair – something we here at Heritage Heating and Cooling can help you with.

It will improve staff wellbeing and increase their performance

There can be no business without hardworking employees, and every work environment influences an employee’s performance. As a business, you are responsible for the welfare of your employees whilst they’re working. If your staff spend a large amount of their time inside, it’s important to provide them with a comfortable working environment.

It follows that if a workspace is an uncomfortable temperature, this will affect the wellbeing and performance of your employees. A working environment that’s too cold, too hot, or too humid will make employees distracted and uncomfortable – and less able to focus on their job and perform well. We aim to reduce this with the provision of quality heating systems. These systems can supply a consistent environment for employees at any time. A workplace with a well-balanced temperature can boost productivity and reduce the number of people who get sick.

Your customers will thank you

If your business has customers visiting regularly, you need to provide them with a comfortable and welcoming space. No potential customer will want to stay on your premises long enough to make a purchase or enlist your services if they are an uncomfortable temperature.

This can easily be achieved through heating in the colder seasons, making the customer feel comfortable and inclined to spend time at your workplace.

It will save you money

With heating systems, the higher the quality, the more value you will receive for your money. If a heating system is of higher quality, the chances of it breaking when it’s most in demand are far lower. It will last far longer than an old or damaged system in need of repairs.

Being without heating in the coldest months can also result in employees becoming ill due to the cold environment. This will mean more sick days, which will affect the performance of the business and. Absenteeism costs businesses money, so a well-performing heating and cooling system helps reduce this loss.

If you want your heating system to keep saving you pennies in the long run, it’s also important to keep it maintained. Not only will a well-maintained heating system require less repair time, it will also preserve the building – as a space which is left to get cold is prone to damage from damp.

Keeping up with the servicing on your heating system allows our engineers to diagnose any issues or faults with your machine before they become serious. It also ensures that your system keeps working to its most effective and efficient potential – something to be especially conscious of with the recent increase in fuel prices.

Workplace environments that benefit from heating systems

Whilst it goes without saying that any good office should have a heating system in place, there are many other industries where maintaining an optimum temperature is vital too.

Food preservation and storage

The growth of bacteria and microorganisms is the most common reason for food spoilage. Whilst air conditioning can help to complement refrigeration processes to prolong food life, different food will have different temperature needs for optimum preservation.

Having high-quality heating equipment allows you to have controlled areas of different temperatures, guaranteeing food doesn’t spoil before it hits the shelves.

Medical and pharmaceutical environments

Varying temperatures can have a significant impact on medicine production. Specific temperatures are needed when ingredients are being prepared and when tablets are being formed. The packaging process also needs controlled temperatures to ensure its proper functionality in a cost-effective way.

High-quality heating and air conditioning equipment is needed to meet these requirements, alongside expert professionals who can install these systems.


Storing items in warehouses can require a multitude of temperature control systems to guarantee its smooth functioning. Not having a climate control process can lead to damaged stock, which can incur a loss for your business.

Through the installation of heating and air conditioning for climate control, you ensure that both humidity and temperature are balanced. Having heating and cooling systems allows you to keep a regular temperature in your warehouse all year around.


Greenhouse climates can be difficult to maintain, particularly when some plants require different temperatures at day and night. As a closed environment, greenhouses can quickly see temperatures rising to more than 35°C, which can kill many plants at the seedling stage.

Having appropriate ventilation is essential for air movement, encouraging warm air to circulate or disperse. Heating and air conditioning systems are a simple way of regulating the temperature inside your greenhouse.

Heating systems that benefit your workplace

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we provide an extensive choice of units to suit a wide range of needs.

Our wall mounted units can provide rapid heating and cooling, ensuring your workplace reaches the required temperature in minimum time and with maximum efficiency. When placed strategically around a workplace, you can keep an entire building, factory or warehouse at a consistent and comfortable temperature for your employees.

If you have limited space in your office, our space-saving ceiling cassette units are ideal. Or, if you operate a factory or warehouse, we have larger units specifically designed for these kinds of environments – able to provide cost-effective heating and cooling to even the largest of spaces.

We also have air curtains, which provide an effective barrier that minimises the loss of warm air through open doors. An air curtain can reduce heat loss by up to 80%, improving the efficiency of warm air heating and saving you money on your energy bills.

To gain all the benefits of a quality heating system today, call in the professionals

Providing expert heating and cooling solutions is what we do here at Heritage Heating and Cooling. We understand how important it is for your business to have equipment you can rely on, and the maintenance to keep it working as it should be.

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