Commercial Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are air conditioning units that are mounted in the ceiling. As the cold air that is produced falls towards the floor, the ceiling-mounted position of the air conditioner provides complete coverage in the room thanks to the unit’s fans, which blow the cool air into all the space. Ceiling cassette air conditioning units can be an excellent choice when required for buildings with limited space. These air conditioners are perfect for commercial buildings that require cooling throughout the working day, making them ideal for offices, shops and even factories and warehouses. 

Why Your Office Needs a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Cassette air conditioners are ideally suited to an office environment, especially in buildings with a false ceiling, as the main body of the unit is hidden within the ceiling, which effectively camouflages it seamlessly into the environment. This allows for sufficient cooling but provides an aesthetically pleasing look for the workplace.

Unlike free-standing or wall mounted units, ceiling cassette air conditioners can be placed in the middle of a room, giving it a unique advantage of being able to blow the cool air in every direction to fill the space entirely. A single centrally mounted unit can provide a carefully balanced cooling for the entire space, or multiple units can be used for a much larger room.

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are also incredibly quiet, allowing for a peaceful working environment without any noisy disruptions.

How Do Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners Work?

Like other kinds of air conditioning units, ceiling cassette air conditioners work by taking in warm air and moving it across a cooling element inside the unit that contains refrigerant. This lowers the temperature of the warm air and dehumidifies it, while the heat that is removed is transported to a condenser, typically located outside of a building, to be released. Once the heat is removed from the air, the cool air is blown back through the unit into the space. The ceiling cassette air conditioner uses this same method, but with the difference being that they are mounted on the ceiling rather than on a wall.

Energy Efficient 

Cassette air conditioning units can provide your business with energy-efficient heating and cooling. Our models utilise DC Inverter Control, which minimises electricity loss to decrease power consumption significantly. This means that your unit will have a lower running cost and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, providing you with a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendlier air conditioning solution. 

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Installation

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, our highly experienced and qualified team would be more than happy to help you find the ideal cassette ceiling mounted air conditioning unit for your workplace. We can install, maintain and continue to service your air conditioning unit throughout its working life. Our services can ensure that your unit continues to be efficient and operational for many years, not to mention improve its energy consumption by replacing malfunctioning or old components.

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