Industrial Heating Systems

Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd are the one stop shop for all your industrial heating and cooling needs. From our base in Sileby, Leicestershire, we ensure buildings have the right industrial heating systems and air conditioning to keep employees and visitors at the ideal temperature throughout the year.

As industrial heating specialists, Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd has been providing services to industrial and commercial properties throughout the UK for decades. Our Gas Safe expert technicians have worked with clients such as New Balance and the RAF, on various projects and can help you discover the perfect industrial heating and cooling solutions for your premises. With our premium installation, servicing and repair service for industrial heating and cooling systems you know you are in good hands.

Ensuring the right temperature, whatever the weather, can be a difficult task for any workplace. There are so many factors to consider when finding the perfect solution, but at Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd we can help you find the right fit. We will find you the most efficient, reliable industrial heating and cooling solutions to ensure your staff and/or products are at the most comfortable and appropriate temperatures.

Industrial Heating Industrial Heating and Air Conditioning for Your Business

Throughout the winter months premises have to work harder to maintain warmer temperatures. If the cold enters from outside, your staff may not be able to work well or as efficient as they may otherwise be able to. Not only will they have to be sent home if the temperature gets too cold inside according to the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, but they will struggle to carry out their tasks. With our range of industrial heating systems you can find the system that will see your employees happy to reach work on a winter morning! Our range includes warm air heating products, industrial gas heaters, cabinet heaters and more. Including products from some of the leading industrial heating manufacturers like Powrmatic – a British brand that has been providing commercial heating solutions for decades, you know you’re in good hands. The range also includes energy efficient industrial heating systems, meaning you can stay true to your environmentally friendly principles while also keeping your premises warm.

Industrial Cooling

While Britain isn’t the warmest country, we do get a time in the summer when buildings must be cooled down. When you factor in the heat from outside and the heat that machines make during their day to day use offices, factories and warehouses can feel far too hot for employees in the summer months. With our years of expertise, we can offer you advice on the best industrial cooling system for your business, whether you are looking for factory cooling, warehouse cooling or office air conditioning.

Our range of industrial cooling systems include products from big brand names like Fujitsu and Panasonic, which teamed with our expert installation service will give you the peace of mind that your system will do its job. We will work with you to find the most efficient industrial cooling system for your premises, whether that’s commercial wall mounted air conditioning units or split air conditioning units

Industrial Heating Services from Heritage Heating & Cooling

In addition to the purchase and installation of industrial heating and cooling systems, we offer a dedicated team to help you maintain your product. We have a fantastic team of qualified engineers who head up our maintenance team and are on hand to service and repair your heating and cooling systems throughout their lifespan. Our team of commercial heating engineers can visit your premises on a regular basis to maintain your system and keep it running the way it should. What’s more, we can offer commercial heating maintenance throughout the UK. 

At Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd, we know that not every property is the same. We will work with you to find the ideal heating and cooling system that works for your business. Take advantage of everything we have to offer today by getting in touch online, or call 01509 814123. Our team of specialists will be happy to help and offer more advice about the industrial heating and cooling solutions available to you.