Wall Mounted Air Conditioners – a Popular Choice

With their elegant designs and space saving qualities, it is no surprise that commercial wall mounted air conditioners are the most popular choice of commercial air conditioning units. They are usually fitted high on the wall so that they negate the need to compromise on floor space and they are very easy to install.

Commercial wall mounted air conditioning units are most widely used for office air conditioning to maintain an ambient temperature no matter the weather outside. There are a vast range of unit sizes available, of varying power, to ensure all room shapes and sizes can be accommodated for. To avoid hot spots or cool spots it is common practice to have multiple small units installed to guarantee consistency in air temperature throughout a room.

Fujitsu Wall Mounted Air Conditioners


Fujitsu Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units for Commercial Application

Fujitsu is a leading air conditioning brand who have been supplying air conditioners world-wide for over half a century. They first launched air conditioners as a consumer product in 1960 and their reputation for delivering quality heating and cooling systems has been growing ever since. Fujitsu’s range of wall mounted air conditioners are no exception. As one of the main unit types for office air conditioning and other commercial spaces, Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioning units are common place in commercial settings across the globe.

A Range of Features Are Available

Not only do most Fujitsu units come equipped with a 5-year warranty, offering you peace of mind, they have fantastic remote heating and cooling capabilities. Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we can install a vast range of Fujitsu hi-spec, top of the range units that offer the very latest in air conditioning technology. All models in the range are A/A rated and offer a host of new features, including a weekly timer function on the wireless controller, “human sensor” control and outstanding heating capacity at low ambient conditions.

Why Choose a Fujitsu Wall Mounted Unit?

No matter what space you are looking to heat or cool, commercial wall mounted air conditioning units offer a number of advantages. By being placed high on a wall they do not require any floor space and they are also easy to maintain and install. Furthermore, they are highly efficient and a cost-effective solution.

Midea – Luna High Wall mounted Split Units.


Benefitting from the latest DC Inverter Technology manufactured by GMCC – a Midea & Toshiba joint venture company and the largest DC inverter compressor manufacturer in the world – reduces energy costs, noise levels and gives faster responses to heating and cooling. Luna units are also more responsive to changing heating and cooling requirements, so operation closely matches the requirements of the space. The Luna wall heat pump air conditioners are fully ErP compliant for guaranteed energy efficiency.

All modern wall mounted air conditioning units also have advanced compressor designs and fan arrangements to ensure low noise and maximum efficiency. Often, despite the size of some of the larger units, they can go completely unnoticed as they powerfully heat and cool your building.

A Wide Range of Commercial Wall Mounted AC Units are Available

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we are proud suppliers of a range of commercial wall mounted air conditioning units, from a range of reputable brands. We can supply and install Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioning units as well as Midea, offering the latest DC inverter technology, as well as many other reliable and world-renowned brands.

The majority of the wall mounted air conditioning units we supply are A/A rated, meaning they will qualify for 100% first year Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA); a government funded scheme to encourage investment in energy saving technology.

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Finding the right type of heating and cooling system for your establishment is the first step. This can be difficult enough but then deciding which brand or type of commercial wall mounted air conditioning unit can be even harder. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, our experts are happy to give advice and assistance to help you choose the right system. Our REFCOM certified commercial heating engineers can even install your wall mounted unit as well as carry out continued servicing and maintenance. Please get in touch with one of our friendly team members on 01509 814 123 or email info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.