New Balance


Our evaporative cooling systems have proved to be a popular choice for the function of providing a cool and comfortable environment.

This was most certainly the case when we were approached by the engineering manager at New Balance, a sports clothing and apparel provider. The project provided a number of challenges, one of which was the location of the factory itself. Being based on the coast, the possibility of corrosion due to sea salt had to be taken into account. With this in mind, a high grade metal welded roof plate was installed externally on the roof to provide protection for the cooling units which were installed on the sides of the building with downward discharge onto ductwork which was then connected to air outlet grilles.

Over the course of three weeks, our team of engineers completed the project to the highest standard. Due to the nature of the work carried out at New Balance, they supply kits for Liverpool F.C. and Celtic F.C., we knew that a system as efficient and effective as our evaporative cooling systems would be the ideal solution. The system itself was designed to achieve the required temperature drop and air-change rate.

Evaporative Cooling uses approximately 90% less energy than traditional air conditioning systems.

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