How to reduce heat in a factory

November 13 2023

James Patten


Keeping factories cool presents a number of challenges. Factories are busy environments, often full of machinery, electrics, and people bustling around and working hard. A lot of factories are also in constant use, with equipment running overnight – meaning the building is rarely given any time to cool down.

Constant heat is not good for a factory, the equipment and machinery inside it, and the people who work there. Luckily, there are ways to reduce heat in factories. One of the best ways to do this is with an evaporative cooling system – the ideal way to cool large spaces like industrial and commercial buildings.

How evaporative cooling systems reduce heat in factories

The reason evaporative cooling systems are so ideal for reducing heat in a large, busy commercial space is because they work by drawing fresh air from the outside. As the air is passed over a series of moist pads, it then cools rapidly through the natural process of evaporation.

Evaporative cooling systems are able to constantly draw in and air and cool it quickly, meaning they supply a constant output of cool air. This is why commercial evaporative cooling systems are perfect for cooling down large interior spaces, as they can keep cooling the environment constantly.

The benefits of using evaporative cooling systems to reduce heat in factories

There are many benefits to choosing evaporative cooling for your factory.

Save energy

Evaporative cooling systems are incredibly efficient and energy-saving, especially in large spaces. Air conditioning is a fantastic cooling solution for many buildings, but it is not suitable as or as energy efficient as evaporative cooling when it comes to large spaces. Evaporative cooling supplies cool air across large spaces constantly, at a fraction of the energy cost.

Keep doors and windows open

Evaporative cooling also works efficiently even when doors and windows are left open. This is perfect for factory environments, where large roller doors might be left open frequently and for extended periods of time.

Fresh air and eco-friendly

One of the best parts about opting for evaporative cooling is that these units constantly draw in fresh air from outside, rather than recirculating the same, stale air. They are also very eco-friendly as they run efficiently on very little energy, and the only cooling by-product an evaporative cooling system produces is water vapour.

Less maintenance

Commercial evaporative cooling units cost less both to have installed and to keep maintained. The lifetime running costs of a good, well-maintained evaporative cooling system are less than many other traditional cooling systems.

Thinking of switching to evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling is a fantastic cooling solution, perfect for managing heat in large industrial environments (like factories and warehouses).

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