How To Choose The Right Factory Heating Systems

January 19 2022

James Patten


Sufficient heating is important in any workplace. Workers are required to be provided with an adequate working environment, and that includes ensuring that the temperature of their workplace is maintained at an acceptable level. In a factory environment, heating efficiency can negatively impact the heat distribution throughout the space, making it detrimental to working conditions which is why it’s so important to install and use the right factory heating systems.

There are two main forms of heating suitable for a factory: warm air heating and radiant ceiling heating. Warm air heating works by warming the air in the space, which in turn warms the workers in the building. The warm air is distributed throughout the space by a fan, so to ensure a consistent temperature, the warm air will need to be distributed evenly throughout the space. There are many different types of warm air heaters to choose from, they can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on a wall or can stand on a floor. The chosen model will depend on the specifications of your factory, and your available space.

The other kind of heating system suited to a factory environment is radiant heating. Radiant ceiling heaters do no heat the air directly, but rather they produce infrared heat that directly heats surfaces, people and objects in its path. In this way these heaters create a more all-round radiant warmth. Radiant heaters provide rapid, almost instant heat at a lower running cost to other types of heaters.

Here we take a look at some effective factory heating systems available including;

Suspended ceiling heaters

If your factory is full of products and people, then the suspended ceiling heaters are a great option as they require minimal space and are really effective in heating large areas and easy to maintain. Well-designed factory heating systems keeps the air distributed evenly throughout the space. The key to allowing the heaters to work to full efficiency is to make sure that the air is free to travel; this eliminates cold spots. If some areas are not being heated, you may need to reorganise the layout of the space to ensure no warm air is being trapped. Alternatively, if this is not possible, you could invest in multiple warm air heaters to be placed strategically throughout the space to ensure full coverage.

Suspended ceiling heater

Floor standing cabinet heaters

Floor standing cabinet heaters are great for factory floors where space isn’t a premium. There are a vast range of models to choose from, but the ideal choice for factory spaces are floor standing cabinets. They are available in oil or gas, vertical or horizontal and even come on room-sealed options. Their versatility makes them very useful in factory environments; they are also easy to maintain and tend to have a long life span.

Radiant ceiling heating

The alternative to warm air heating when heating your factory is to use a radiant heating system. These radiant plaque heaters don’t heat the air directly like other models of heaters, but instead they produce infrared heat that directly warms surfaces, people and objects in its path. These heaters create a more all-round warmth, rapidly and with a lower running cost than other heaters.

They are limited in that they need to be directly over an area to provide warmth, and tall structures, such as racking, inside the factory may block out the heat source. However, they are great options for areas frequently open to outside air, such as a loading bay; the warmth won’t blow away as radiant heating systems don’t rely on air circulation. Just make sure that these heaters are not being obstructed by objects blocking out the heat.


Industrial & commercial air curtains

Due to the nature of a factory environment, there is always movement and open doors. Industrial and commercial air curtains work by blocking incoming cold air and stop the warm air from escaping from the building, whilst letting people and vehicles easily access the two different environments without hindering or taking time to open doors.

One of the benefits of commercial air curtains is that in the summer, it reverses, keeping cool air in the building and removing hot air, creating an environment that is suitable for your workforce.

Commercial heating door curtains

Electric heating

If your premises doesn’t have gas or oil, then our electric heating options are a popular option. Factory heating systems, come in all different options and alternatives, and our electric heating range works by warming objects rather than the air around it.

Industrial & commercial electric heating systems

Destratification fans

Where there are high ceilings, like in buildings such as factories and warehouses, there will be heat loss. Warm air rises, so with conventional gas-fired warm air heaters, destratification systems should also be used to maximise their effectiveness.

Through destratification, warm air is re-circulated from the roof to the occupied space at floor level. Large volumes of air are moved at a low velocity and at a controlled temperature; fans are used to circulate the air, creating an even temperature distribution throughout the space. With destratification, one heater can be used to heat a large space, lowering costs and producing a more energy-efficient solution.

Industrial & commercial Destratification Fans

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we provide industrial grade, flexible and effective heating solutions for businesses and commercial buildings. Our high-quality industrial heating systems are perfect for factory environments, and we install top-quality heating brands like Benson, Powrmatic and Combat.

We understand the difficulties of high-quality and efficient heating solutions for factory environments, such as trying to maintain a constant temperature in an ample industrial space. You may require a complicated heating system where different areas of your factory require different temperatures; we can also help provide a solution for this.

If you’re looking for factory heating systems for your business, contact Heritage Heating and Cooling today on 01509 814690, an experienced member of our team will happily answer any questions about any of our factory heating models or brands and be able to make expert recommendations.

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