How to manage heat in warehouses

September 4 2023

James Patten


Warehouses are busy environments often crowded with people and machinery. Unsurprisingly, they heat up easily. Keeping such a large indoor environment cool can be a challenge.

From saving money on your energy bill to reducing the spread of viruses in the workplace, evaporative cooling is a great choice. Read on to find out more about how evaporative cooling could be the warehouse cooling solution you’ve been looking for.

The challenges of managing heat in warehouses

The sheer large volume of space that a warehouse occupies makes it difficult to cool down. Machinery, computers, warehouse staff – all these generate a huge amount of heat by themselves.

In the summer months, the air outside can be very hot as well (British summer weather permitting). Large warehouse doors are frequently left open to permit the flow of goods in and out of the building, letting in hot summer air and sunlight.

Modern warehouses are normally constructed with insulation and cooling in mind, but older warehouses were not built with consideration towards today’s standards for working environments. Cooling the air inside an older warehouse is trickier, but can be helped by industrial evaporative cooling.

Why it’s important to manage heat in warehouses

Staff often work long hours in a warehouse, doing a physically intense job that involves heavy lifting, loading and unloading goods, and picking and packing orders. If staff are working in a hot warehouse and unable to cool down, they will quickly become stressed and uncomfortable.

High temperatures also negatively impact the productivity of a warehouse. Whilst also risking the health of your staff, people who are unable to cool down and stressed are more likely to make mistakes and be dissatisfied and unproductive at work. Warehouse machinery and equipment can also be negatively affected by a hot environment.

Why choose evaporative cooling for warehouses

As cooling solutions go, evaporative cooling is often the smart choice for a warehouse. With evaporative cooling, you can ‘spot cool’ specific areas of your warehouse that are prone to heating up (for example, an area with lots of machinery).

Commercial evaporative cooling systems work by constantly drawing in fresh air from outside and cooling it, rather than recycling the same stale air inside the warehouse. This means staff work in a comfortable environment whilst breathing cool, fresh air.

Evaporative cooling is also ideal for warehouses as it operates efficiently even when large doors are left open. It will also save you money on your energy bill, using far less energy and running far more efficiently and cheaply than many traditional industrial cooling systems.

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