Gas or oil heating: which is better for your business?

January 5 2024

James Patten


When it comes to heating your business, there are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide whether you want a commercial gas heating system or an oil heating system. Here at Heritage Heating, we have a wide range of industrial gas and oil heaters to meet every requirement.

What to consider when choosing heating for your business

If your business operates from a spacious building, like a warehouse or factory, you need a heating solution that ensures even heating across a vast space, without leaving cold spots in certain areas. For smaller commercial spaces, you need a heating solution that is easy to operate and works efficiently.

Another important factor to consider is how the heater is powered. There are two main types of fuel for heaters: gas and oil. Read on for an insight into the differences between gas and oil heaters, and which is best suited for your business.

Industrial gas heating

Industrial gas heaters can be fuelled with either natural gas or propane. They have excellent design versatility, and can either be installed with room sealed or open flue installation. Gas heating systems are also easy to operate and maintain.

Gas heaters are cheaper to run than oil heaters, as natural gas costs less than oil. They are also very energy-efficient and reliable – although they will need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Industrial oil heating

Highly versatile, our broad range of commercial oil heaters have a broad array of outputs and are compatible with most common fuel types and biofuels.

Oil heaters produce more heat output than gas heaters, making them very fuel efficient. They are easy to control to give you heat when needed, and they do not produce carbon monoxide (unlike gas heaters).

Slightly more complicated to install than gas heaters, it’s important to keep an eye on a commercial industrial heater’s tank and ensure it’s always topped up on oil. As oil prices fluctuate, it can pay to stock up on oil when prices are favourable so it’s there ready to use when you need it.

Industrial heating solutions for your business

At Heritage, we offer a range of gas and oil suspended heaters that take up minimal space and don’t create a safety hazard on the floor – an ideal choice for factories and warehouses.

We also offer floor standing heaters, available either gas or oil powered. Brilliant for all commercial spaces, floor standing cabinet heating systems quickly heat up spaces and come in many different specifications – so you can select the one that’s right for your premises.

And if you need a new boiler, our range of gas and oil fired boilers offer top-notch efficiency and a saving on your energy bills. With regular maintenance, a commercial boiler from Heritage will last your business for many years.

Heritage has the expertise to get your business the right heating solution

We stock a vast range of industrial heating systems that can be installed in all sorts of businesses. Our reliable systems will keep you at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the size of your premises.

Our staff have years of experience and expertise behind them, and we can help you decide on the perfect industrial heating system for your needs – including whether a gas or oil heater is better suited to your business.

All our engineers are Gas Safe certified, so you can rest assured that your new commercial heating system is being installed safely and correctly.

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