Heating a Garage: Is It Really That Hard to Do?

April 25 2016

James Patten


We’re still feeling the chill of spring here at Heritage Heating, and we’re pretty sure that most of you are, too! Although summer’s just around the corner, the cold, wet weather is still lingering as expected – this is the UK after all!

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time out in the garage – whether it’s for work or for pleasure –  you may be looking for ways to effectively heat your garage space. Although there’s many rumours out there claiming that garages can’t be heated, we’re here to debunk them.

But first, why do garages get so cold?

Lack of Insulation

Unlike other buildings, garages aren’t usually insulated, mainly because there aren’t people residing or staying in there for long periods of time.

Two mismatched garage doors on a colorful house

However, if you are someone who needs to spend the majority of the day within your garage, then it may be worth looking at ways to insulate the garage building the reduce the amount of heat loss you will no doubt be experiencing.

Insulation should be used alongside a HVAC system to create the best, most reliable heated garage environment possible.

Cracks a Plenty

Within a garage, there are often many places for air to escape from, or even worse, cracks for cold air to sneak in.

During summer, you may well be welcoming the cooler breeze coming through these gaps, but during the cooler parts of the year, the more warm air you can keep in the space, the better!

Large crack in the wall of brick

If you’re noticing a cool draught in your garage, then there are things that you can do to prevent it. The first port of call is to cover any gaps around the doors and windows, as these areas are notorious for letting in those cold draught.

There are products out there specifically designed to fit on the bottom of your garage door to eradicate the chance of a draught entering the garage, and it is advised that you seal any small cracks or holes that you may find before they get any bigger.

Invest in a Garage Heater

Once you’ve prepared your garage and removed any trace of a draft, it might be worth looking to install a garage heater to keep your garage space nice and warm.

This is advisable if your business requires you to spend quite a lot of time out in your garage, especially when the weather is still extremely cool. Not only will this help you keep motivated to work, but it will make working in a colder environment a lot more bearable!

If you’d like to find out more information on how a heater could transform your garage area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’d be more than happy to help.

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