Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we pride ourselves on offering high-quality and efficient factory heating solutions for your premises. Our heating experts understand the difficulties of maintaining a constant temperature in a large industrial space, such as a factory. The size, height, insulation and use of your factory will impact the heating system that you require. You may even require a complex heating system where different parts of your factory need to operate at different temperatures; we can also help you with this.

Industrial Factory Heating Systems to Fit Your Requirements

With your buildings specifications and factory use taken into consideration, our factory heating experts will also consider the efficiency of the system installed as well as finding the most cost-effective solution.  With industrial machinery in constant use, temperatures can often rise very high in summer, yet conversely, with operational machinery coming in and out of a factory during winter, temperatures can become very low. Being able to maintain a temperate working environment at both these extremes is not only important for productivity it is essential to ensure a comfortable working environment for your staff.

Heritage Heating and Cooling can offer several different warehouse heating and factory heating systems to meet your needs. Warm air heating systems may be ideal if you have a high roof and large open space. Depending on floor space restrictions we can offer you factory heating that is out of the way with our suspended industrial oil heaters or industrial gas heaters. It may transpire after a visit to your premises that an industrial radiant heating system is exactly what you need, if you frequently need to open and close doors. The best factory heating solution will of course ultimately come down to your specific and individual requirements, which is why we like to work closely with our customers to establish the best approach.

Powrmatic Heating

A Complete Factory Heating Solution

For a complete factory heating solution, we believe a three-pronged approach is best. This includes an efficient factory heating system, combined with factory cooling and well-designed ventilation/destratification, especially if your solution is warm air heating. With these three elements we can ensure that you will be able to have full control over your building’s temperature.

Heritage Heating and Cooling Can Offer Piece of Mind

When you use Heritage Heating and Cooling as your factory heating provider we can ensure that regular maintenance checks and servicing is carried out. Our industrial heating engineers will also be on hand should the unexpected occur and you need assistance straight away with your heating system.

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For more information about our industrial heating services or to speak to one of our factory heating experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call on 01509 814 123 or email We look forwards to hearing from you.