Winterwarm Heating Solutions from Heritage Heating & Cooling

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we provide a wide range of heating and cooling products from a number of reputable brands, including Winterwarm. Winterwarm is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial heating products; their reliability, system efficiency and low investment costs make them a true market leader in industrial heating systems.

Winterwarm has been in operation since 1936, and they specialise in unit air heaters. Since 2018, all Winterwarm heaters comply with the latest European regulations aimed at improving energy efficiency and other environmental performance criteria. This means that their heaters aim to achieve energy savings, create better climate control and reduce greenhouse gases.

The Winterwarm XR

The Winterwarm XR series combines efficiency with energy-saving and total comfort control through its unique design characteristics. The indirect gas fired unit air heater incorporates a modern design with compact measures, creating a truly efficient heater with innovating technology that will fit perfectly into any space.

In fact, the Winterwarm XR’s compactness and reduced weight beats that of other heating manufacturers. Its size makes it ideal to install in “in sight” locations, such as showrooms or shops. It also has a very low energy consumption, saving you up to 15% on energy in comparison to conventional unit air heaters. The thermostat for the unit optimises the gradient control and modulating burner and fan regulation to provide optimal energy consumption.

What makes this heating unit so versatile, is that it can be suspended in any position: horizontal, vertical or any angle in between. As such, the airflow can easily be directed where required.

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Whatever your industrial heating needs, the versatile and vast application possibilities of the Winterwarm XR can keep your commercial or industrial premises warmed to your specific requirements with its simple controls and fan which circulates the warm air.

For more information on the Winterwarm heaters we have available, or to enquire about our range Powrmatic heaters, you can call Heritage Heating and Cooling on 01509 814 123 and we would be more than happy to assist you.