Radiant Heating Systems for Your Industrial Space

Industrial and commercial radiant heaters come in a range of diverse sizes and designs, but they all work with the same basic principle. They are a cost-effective industrial heating method for facilities with large spaces and high ceilings. Whether the building is a distribution centre, factory, church, warehouse, garden centre, leisure facility or retail facility, a commercial or industrial radiant heating system could be exactly what you need.


Why Choose Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating utilises infrared radiation. This is the exact same type of heat that the sun generates. Unlike warm air heating where the particles in the air are heated and circulated, radiant heating does not rely on air circulation and directly heats the objects that are in its path. This is why radiant heaters are so well suited to heating large spaces, especially those that have open doors and windows where conventional warm air heating systems would become inefficient. Commercial radiant heaters heat people and equipment which in turn become secondary sources of radiant heat. These actions of radiant heating then heat the air and allow your building to maintain a temperate environment.

Radiant Plaque Heaters

Other Benefits of Commercial Infrared Heaters

Industrial and commercial infrared radiant heaters offer additional benefits such as quick heating times. Once your industrial radiant heater is switched on you can expect to feel the benefits instantly as infrared radiation is generated straight away. Other benefits include a high level of versatility. Based on the heaters design, radiant heaters can be placed on the ceiling to conserve precious floor space as well as having the capacity to be wall mounted. They can also be floor based with easily manoeuvrability built into the design. Further benefits of radiant heaters include a low noise output and they are light-weight in construction.


Spot Heating

If you have specific areas that are utilised frequently, radiant heaters can be mounted above the area so that they spot heat the area below. Radiant tube heating systems are perfect for this and will always keep the desired area warm. This type of heater can cover a large area when in this format. Additionally, radiant plaque heaters can be equally effective. They reflect the infrared radiation to enhance the directional heat provided.


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