Ambi Rad heaters are well known across the globe for their incredible efficiency and reliability in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings.

As with Powrmatic, Ambi Rad are leading manufacturers of a range of heating systems, providing radiant tube and warm air heaters for businesses in need of an efficient, durable heating system for their premises. They are incredibly cost effective and can help you reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Choose From a Wide Range of Ambi Rad Heaters

Ambi Rad heating is the perfect heating solution for businesses that are looking to reduce the amount of money that they are spending on their heating while maintaining an efficient heat distribution system to keep their premises warm during the colder months.

Their high heat output, combined with low emissions, is an incredibly attractive feature that many businesses will benefit from. They can be effectively controlled using various sensors which can detect heat levels and adjust them to create the perfect working temperature in any industrial or commercial setting.

AmbiRad are dedicated to providing cabinet and unit heaters for a wide range of business premises- from new builds to refurbishments. They aim to provide the highest possible quality heating systems at a cost effective price for a wide range of industries.

Cut Your Bills and Emissions Using Ambi Rad Heating Today

More and more businesses are looking to reduce their emissions and fuel bills, and Ambi Rad heating is the perfect solution.

Ensure that you are keeping your premises warm using an efficient system such as the range of Ambi Rad heaters that we have here at Heritage Heating and Cooling. Not only will you and your workforce benefit from the incredible heating capabilities, but your bills will be significantly lower, too!

If you would like to find out more information about our range of Ambi Rad heating solutions or our range of Powrmatic heaters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our industrial heating specialist team today on 01509 814 123.