Focus International


Focus International turned to us when they needed an efficient air cooling solution to keep their large distribution facility airy and cool.

What was the brief?

Focus International became customers of ours in 2021, when they were in need of an evaporative cooling solution. Part of the JD Group and market leader in sports and leisure clothing, Focus International have a large, modern distribution facility in Biggleswade which opened in 2020.

When they came back to us a few years later in need of a cooling solution that provided plenty of fresh air – particularly during the hot summer months – we were delighted to help. We got to work to help make their premises a more comfortable place for their employees to work.

When was the work carried out?

We installed an evaporative cooling solution in 2021. They came back to us in 2023 with a new brief to install a ventilator.

What work was carried out?

Back in 2021, we installed three roof mounted evaporative coolers for Focus International. Highly efficient, evaporative cooling systems use around 90% less energy than traditional air conditioning systems.

For a large building such as Focus International’s distribution facility, evaporative cooling makes for a superbly efficient cooling solution that brings in plenty of fresh air – whilst helping to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

In our most recent project, we also installed one Fujitsu UTZ-BD080C Heat Recovery Ventilator and all the associated ducting.

How successful was the project?

Our initial installation of an evaporative cooling system was a fantastic success. The three roof mounted units we installed implemented an efficient cooling system, perfect for use in large, modern premises.

In line with Focus International’s latest brief, the Fujitsu ventilator we installed will extract stale air, and recover and cool fresh air from the outside. It is an energy saving unit that will keep the inside of Focus International’s premises cool and fresh during the summer months.

Is it time to update your cooling solution?

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