Top Commercial Heating and Ventilation Problems

May 16 2018

James Patten


There are many problems which can occur within commercial heating and ventilation, including airflow issues and pressure. If ignored, issues such as these can lead to a strain on the system resulting in a heating or HVAC failure.

We are all guilty of relying on our heating and air conditioning systems – this is no different when it comes to commercial businesses. For those relying on heating and air conditioning systems within their company, glitches in a system can often mean that factors such as people, safety, productivity and finances are affected.

However, the good news is that when you learn more about what the potential problems are, you can easily spot them and get the system looked at by an expert. So, what are some of the problems that you should be looking out for?

A heating engineer repairing valves and pipes in boiler room

Unfamiliar Sounds

If your warehouse heating or factory heating system is giving off unfamiliar noises, it is most likely a cause for concern.

A whistle from your air conditioning system could be because of a pressure imbalance. Other peculiar noises to be aware of includes clicking; as this could mean a faulty igniter or flame sensor in your heating system.

Rattling or clanging could also mean loose components or improperly secured parts. Make sure to address any noises you aren’t 100% sure off immediately.

Unexpected Rise in Utility Bills

Within a business you will probably know on average how much your cooling and/or heating costs are. If you notice that you are suddenly spending an abnormal amount, then this could be a good indication that the system is running inefficiently.

Take action as soon as you notice this, as chances are something isn’t quite right.  It could be anything from clogged filters (this makes the system have to work harder) to a leak that you haven’t spotted.

Improper Air Balance

Improper or uneven air balance also requires your attention. If your commercial space is experiencing swings in temperature – whether cool or warm air – or if different parts of the space have different temperature complaints, your system isn’t working right. If the usual service or maintenance isn’t fixing this then it needs further attention.

The air supplied to an office or any other commercial space will pass through several dampers and ducts before use.  It could be these dampers which need attention due to clogging or simply needs adjustment.

Unusual Odours

Of all the issues you should be concerned with, unusual odours coming from your commercial heating or air conditioning system is a serious sign of trouble and should certainly not be ignored. Indoor air quality may be compromised in this situation and you could be putting everyone in the building at risk of airborne disease. Odours could indicate a partial system failure so be sure to get an expert to look at this as soon as possible.

Other signs to look out for include excessive moisture around the system and signs of rust or deterioration.

There are many reasons why your commercial heating or air conditioning system could be causing you problems; from blocked or leaky vents to clogged filters and dirty coils. While you may be an expert in your chosen industry, you may not be an expert in heating and cooling systems.

Don’t forget that a serviced system is an efficient system. For any commercial heating repairs or services, Heritage Heating and Cooling provide packages tailored to you. Simply get in touch today for more information.

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