The Biggest Culprits – Places Where Your Business is Leaking Heat

November 27 2014

James Patten


Now that the colder weather is upon us, you’ll probably feel like resorting to some form of warm air heating system to take the chill out of the air, but of course efficiently heating a building depends on far more than just turning a heater on. There are certain areas within any building that tend to leak a lot of heat, and if you’re trying to keep the heat in an industrial or commercial premise then you should attend to these areas as soon as possible. Here’s a brief run through the biggest heat-loss culprits…


Windows are definitely the number one culprit when it comes to heat loss. Windows are frequently left open by accident, and they can easily let in draughts as well. Most windows have tiny gaps around the frames, and plugging such gaps is a priority when it comes to combating heat loss.


Next to windows, doors should always be considered in terms of heat loss. In some ways, doors leak more heat than windows; it’s just that we tend to leave them open less regularly. Regardless, the same gaps are generally present, so caulking or a similar solution is highly advised.


Heat can be lost through gaps in lights, wiring and electrical outlets without you even realising. Foam gaskets can be called upon to solve this problem where switches are concerned, whilst the aforementioned gap filling measures will be needed for any other specifics.


Many premises, especially older ones, possess a basement, and such spaces are massive culprits when it comes to leaking heat. Effective insulation is ‘a must’ in such circumstances. As an aside, the plumbing that’s so common to basements can also be a problem, so leave no stone unturned.


Roof hatches leak a colossal amount of heat, as they are frequently neglected. Insulation should be applied to the backside of such doors, and the edges should be weather-stripped as well. Your roof space is always vitally important where insulation is concerned, so don’t forget the hatches!

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