Could Radiant Tube Heating Save Your Business Money?

November 28 2017

James Patten


A key business goal for many companies across the UK is to save money when and where they can, especially in areas such as heating. When it comes to heating an industrial space, such as a warehouse or factory, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the amount of space where heating is required, and how much this will cost the business.

Radiant heating installation is the ideal choice for any business that requires efficient heating on an industrial scale, as it can be tailored to your specific space requirements.

But what is radiant tube heating, how does it work and how can it save your business money?

What is Radiant Tube Heating?

Working in a similar way to the sun, radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in its path. It is what the industry often refers to as ‘spot heating’, as it works by warming the spot it touches. It does this through infrared waves, which are usually mounted overhead and directed downwards to a low level by a reflector.

The heating process for radiant heating varies considerably from other industrial heating options, but what does this mean for business owners?

radiant tube heating 1

Wasted Space, Wasted Heating

While other, more traditional heating processes may be suited to certain businesses, radiant heating offers a cost-effective solution that allows you to tailor installation to your specific space and requirements.

By opting for radiant tube heating, you can save energy that would otherwise be used heating up the air in areas where it is unnecessary, and it also means that your space can be heated much quicker than other heating options may be able to, as radiant heaters provide instant heat.

This also allows for greater efficiency in the workplace, as your workforce will not have to wait for the space to heat up before they can begin working.

An example of an ideal application of radiant heating would be when there is a bank of workers on a bench. A radiant heater could be positioned directly above the bench and it would work efficiently to heat the bodies as well as the bench and the floor, giving an overall warm environment for work and any processes happening at the time.

However, if the workers walked away from the direct space outside of the rays, the area around them would be room temperature.

This is perfect for situations where different areas of the space need to be kept at different temperatures. This includes keeping produce at a specific temperature or storing medicine in controlled temperatures.

Businesses that work in larger warehouses will benefit from radiant tube heating also. An example may be where workers on a bench are placed nearby roller shutters, where doors are constantly opening and closing. In situations like this where warm air would escape regularly, radiant heating is the best option as you would not be heating wasted space.

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Money-Saving Business

Efficiency is key when it comes to running a business, and radiant heating installation may well be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Radiant heating can help you to save money on your energy bills because of it is a targeted form of heat. It is reported that, by opting for the radiant form of heating, you can be 30% more efficient within your business.

Not only could it cut your utility bills, but the heating systems come with the added benefits of requiring no ductwork, providing additional space due to the overhead direction, requiring no registers or vents, offering better indoor air quality and a uniform vertical heat distribution.

Radiant tube heating and radiant plaque heaters have been specifically designed for use in environments such as warehouses and factories, where doors may need to be opened and shut frequently or left open for a longer period. They provide an efficient solution that wastes far less energy than a more traditional alternative.

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If you would like any further information on our selection of radiant heating systems, we would love to assist you and help you to select the perfect heating system for you and your business.

Whether you know what kind of heating system would benefit you already, or you would like to talk through the options, the team at Heritage Heating and Cooling are on hand to help. Simply get in touch with us.

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