Why Have a Warehouse Cooling System?

Warehouses are important commercial buildings designed to store materials and manufactured goods. Just like other large commercial spaces, warehouses generally house many goods that may need to be kept at a temperature that lies within certain parameters. Commercial evaporative cooling is perhaps the best form of warehouse cooling in terms of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With a commercial evaporative cooling system, not only will you be conserving the shelf life of stored food or protecting the integrity of manufactured materials, on those hot summer days you will also be preserving the comfort of staff.


How Does Commercial Evaporative Cooling Work?

Unlike commercial air conditioning units, evaporative cooling works via an adiabatic process whereby outside air is passed through a water-saturated medium leading to evaporation and an increased humidity of the air. While humidity rises, the air temperature drops. This cooler air can then be used to cool the internal air or can be directly supplied from the outside to the inside after the cooling process. The cool air can be circulated around the warehouse using fans. This process is many times more energy efficient than air conditioning and depending on your needs there are slight variations of the system (direct vs indirect) that can impact on the resulting humidity of the warehouse air.

One of the great characteristics expressed by a commercial evaporative cooling system is that the hotter the outside temperature, the more efficient the system is at cooling internal air.

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Why Choose a Commercial Evaporative Cooling System?

It is thought that under certain circumstances, commercial evaporative cooling can be 80% more efficient than air conditioning for cooling a large space such as a warehouse. They can also be a lot cheaper and are an environmentally greener choice, without the use of refrigerants. In addition, if you have a high influx and outflux of goods or staff, an open door will not impact the ability of the system to provide cooler air, unlike air conditioning.

Depending on the commercial evaporative cooling method you choose, this system can also be used to deliver cleaner and fresher air into the inside of the building rather than recirculating the same air around the building, which is what happens with other cooling methods.

These systems will be perfect for your warehouse if you are looking for a low energy, eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling method.


Why Choose Heritage Heating and Cooling to Install Your Warehouse Cooling System?

If you have already decided that a commercial evaporative cooling system is the right choice for your warehouse, for their offerings of flexibility, efficiency and affordability, then you may be looking for a professional system installer. Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we have been successfully installing evaporative cooling systems for many years. All of our commercial heating engineers are REFCOM, or equivalent, certified and can install these systems nationwide. We take pride in not only installing warehouse cooling but offering continued servicing and maintenance to ensure your business’s warehouse can continue to run smoothly no matter the temperature outside.


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