Why You Need To Regularly Maintain Your Heating

February 4 2016

James Patten


As we plough through the most bitter winter months, the only thing we can think of is the thought of summer glimmering only a few months away. But we can only dream of cranking up our industrial air conditioning, because we can’t bask in the sunshine quite yet; we still have to rely on our trusty heating systems to get us through the next few months.

It’s likely that heating systems all around Britain have been going hell for leather as we take refuge from the elements, but with daily use it’s very important to ensure that your warm air heating system receives regular maintenance checks. Neglecting your system could result in additional costs for your company and could potentially disrupt your working schedule.

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Avoid Costly Breakdowns

It’s always a good idea to have regular maintenance checks on your heating system, as this could prevent more costly repairs later down the line. Over time, unidentified faults could worsen to the point where a system needs severe repair or major components replacing, which could have cost much less if caught early on.

Regular checks could also give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re unlikely to expect any nasty surprises that could perhaps come at the most inconvenient time.

Prevent Expensive Replacements

In a commercial environment, it’s imperative that you have a working warehouse heater for your staff. For example, the minimum legal temperature for inside a warehouse should be 16 degrees Celsius which constitutes a ‘reasonable’ temperature.

If your heater were to break down and need time-consuming repairs, then you have to ensure that members of staff have a sufficiently comfortable space during their working hours. This could mean that you’d have to invest in a temporary heating system which could cost you a lot to hire for the length of time needed for your original system to be repaired. A temporary system could also cost more to run which could bump up your electricity bills even more.

Reduced Staff

It may be the case that a temporary heating system isn’t an option, and your repairs are more time-consuming than you’d hoped. This could mean that you have to cease business in that area until repairs are complete or you have a replacement installed.

A reduction in staff hours could seriously delay your working schedule, especially if you have a large daily turnover, which could ultimately lose you valuable time and money trying to make up for lost hours.

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Regular maintenance could forewarn you of an impending breakage of breakdown so that you could be prepared for this eventuality and accommodate for any potential losses.

At Heritage Heating, we supply cost-effective and efficient cooling and heating systems for garages, commercial and industrial use to make the work place as comfortable as possible. We also offer different maintenance contracts to keep your system in good working order and have engineers on hand to fix your system as quickly as possible so you can resume business as usual. For any enquiries into our products or services, feel free to contact us at 01509 814 123, otherwise you can also find us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages.

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