Why is it so Important to Keep Indoor Sports Areas Cool in Summer?

July 7 2017

James Patten


At summer’s peak, cooling is a more important issue than ever before. Particularly as the heat outside is already overbearing (if we’re lucky here in the UK), making it worse by increasing your temperature whilst exercising can, then, feel like a special kind of pain. Installing the right air conditioning can be a great way to maintain an ambient temperature that is not only good for your staff and clients, but for other elements of your sporting area.

So, what are the reasons you might want to invest in air conditioning for a sporting centre and what advantages will this present for your space?

Equipped gym at fitness center

Better Training Environment

It may seem obvious, but a cooler environment makes for much more pleasant exercising. Many take the ambient temperature of a sports centre for granted. Yet, if the temperature decreased or increased in any significant – or even minor – way, it would be incredibly noticeable.

A change in temperature can make it difficult for trainers or competitors to continue, no matter how experienced they may be. Climate control with a smart air conditioning system can help to maintain a consistent temperature which makes exercise a cool and pleasant activity. Allowing participants to commit completely to their activities is, after all, integral for a good reputation in your field.

Also, in any space where many people gather there is bound to be a build-up of heat. Combine this with the summer months and you have the potential for a very uncomfortable exercise space. If there is a pattern of peak times, such as in the morning or evening, it may be a good idea to set your air conditioning for this particular time. Doing so is a strategic way to both maintain the ambience of the space and save money.

Equipment Maintenance

For many people, the realisation that equipment works best at different temperatures is a bizarre concept. Being exposed to extremes of either hot or cold can make your equipment need replacing in the short term, which is a much more expensive prospect than offering an effective environment for maintaining equipment to optimal levels. An initial investment in air conditioning over summer, then, can actually save you money in the long run.

Personal sport stuff set  in fitness gym

Regulates Room

A room with a regular temperature, whether in an office, school, home or sports auditorium, is a happy one. You are likely to gain loyal customers by creating an atmosphere that is comfortable as well as friendly, as the nicer it is to spend time in the space, the more likely they will want to spend time there.

If you would like to know any more information about what temperature your sporting centre would benefit from, and how you can use your air conditioning unit practically to the environment’s advantage, we would be happy to discuss our products and services in more detail.

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