Why Choose Heritage Heating and Cooling for Your Commercial Air Conditioning

March 30 2021

James Patten


With the weather starting to warm up again, you might be thinking about air conditioning for your business. Air conditioning is the most efficient way to cool down a building like a warehouse or a factory floor.

As a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees are kept at a comfortable temperature. Comfortable workers are more productive and happier in their work. When people overheat, it can affect their concentration and even lead to adverse health effects like heat stroke. So, air conditioning can be an excellent investment for any business during the summer months.

But why should you choose Heritage Heating and Cooling for your commercial air conditioning unit? Here are all the reasons why we should be your first choice.


We stock only the best air conditioning units available from top brands like Fujitsu. It’s important that your air conditioning unit is energy-efficient, so that it is better for the planet and will also save you money on your energy bills by operating efficiently.

Our air conditioning units are designed to work as efficiently as possible, with A/A ratings for their energy efficiency. We understand the importance of wanting to keep your energy bills low, which is why you can rest assured that when you purchase your air conditioning unit from Heritage Heating and Cooling, you will be getting a model rated highly for its energy efficiency.

Innovative Technology

You don’t want air conditioning that won’t do the job properly or is tricky to operate. That’s why we stock models from brands that are constantly improving and developing their technology to ensure they offer the very best air conditioning units.

Our air conditioning models have great features like easy-to-use timer programmes and frost protection. With a range of slim and unobtrusive designs to choose from, you can select an air conditioning unit that is reliable and can be easily operated from a remote control, making cooling down your office or warehouse as easy as possible.

Ventilation ducts system painted in white composition of fire protection under the ceiling

Versatile Range

At Heritage, we believe that you should have many air conditioning models to choose from, as not every style or design is going to suit everyone. We stock a vast range of air conditioning units from wall-mounted models, cassette and floor and ceiling models.

So regardless of your business needs, there will be an air conditioning unit to suit. If you are limited on space, you could really benefit from a ceiling air conditioning unit that tucks away into the ceiling, provide an unobtrusive air conditioning option. Our experts can help you pick the right kind of air conditioning for your needs.

Professional Experts

When choosing an air conditioning unit, you want to make sure that you purchase from a supplier that knows what they’re talking about and can offer you expert advice and guidance. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we have many years of experience installing and maintaining both heating and cooling units in a vast range of industrial and commercial spaces.

Our REFCOM qualified staff will visit your site for a free entire site survey so we can get a good look at your space and recommend the best air conditioning options for your individual requirements. Or you can simply give us a call on 01509 814 123 and we will talk you through all the different options available and help you find the best unit for your premises.

Businessman Enjoying The Cooling Of Air Conditioner

Maintenance Packages

Once your air conditioning unit has been professionally installed, we won’t just forget about it. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we offer a comprehensive range of service and repair packages that can give you the peace of mind that we will come out to you and deal with any issues.

Our maintenance professionals will ensure everything is working as it should be, getting you back in business quickly and carrying out any work as discreetly as possible. Choose from our most cost-effective bronze package with an annual service and breakdown cover, or our comprehensive gold plus service with both of these and a guaranteed engineer within 12 hours, and parts inclusive.

If you’re looking for commercial air conditioning for your business, contact Heritage Heating and Cooling today. A member of our team will get back to you and answer any questions you might have about any of our air conditioning models or brands and make expert recommendations. 

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