What Does It Mean When…My Air Con is Making a Strange Noise?

May 29 2018

James Patten


Whether your air conditioner unit is in your office, warehouse or commercial business, tracking any differences in operation or sound can prove essential.

As is normal, there is a constant noise that accompanies the daily operations of an air conditioner unit. After installation of the machine, the individual might become accustomed to these quiet sounds.

However, every now and then air conditioners can begin omitting a noise which may be different to what you are used to.

This can be a cause for concern to some; understanding whether the issue at hand is something trivial or a serious problem can prevent any severe implications later, especially in the event that the noises go unnoticed (and now that summer is on the way, you want to make sure you’re ready for the warm weather).

Strange Noises…Is This Normal!?

Air conditioning in an officeAs previously mentioned, some noise is to be expected with your air conditioner. This noise can be compared to the noise that a standard computer makes when it turns on, and sounds quite like a fan powering on a machine.

Although this might be noticed during the first few days after installation, the noise quickly becomes unnoticeable, and often customers note that it tends to blend into the background of the environment that it is situated in.

When your machine begins making any of the following noises, it is time to contact Heritage Heating & Cooling Ltd, as we can help diagnose the issue at hand, treat the problem and potentially prevent it from happening again.

The noises to listen out for that could signify that an investigation is required are:

  • Banging – This could be due to a loose or broken part in the air conditioner
  • Clanking – This could be caused by an issue with the components of the fan
  • Clicking – This could relate to a problem with the thermostat
  • Buzzing – Potentially caused by parts becoming loose and rubbing against other components
  • Squealing – This could result from an issue with the duct system
  • Humming – Similar to that of the buzzing sound, loose parts might be affecting the noise
  • Rattling – This could be due to your air conditioner deteriorating over time
  • Screaming – This could be caused by a refrigeration leak and can prove serious if not reported

Causes of an Air Conditioner’s Buzzing Noise

There are several reasons why your air conditioner might be making a strange noise.

Most common are the general wear and tear issues that are to be expected. These include buzzing, humming or even banging noises, and most probably will indicate that components in the machine have come loose and require a service.

If your machine begins making more serious noises such as clicking, squealing or screaming, this could suggest more severe issues, such as electrical faults and leaks. It is absolutely essential that the machine is turned off and these issues are reported as soon as they are identified, as leaving the air conditioner in its current state can prove incredibly detrimental and even in some cases dangerous.

Commercial & Industrial Heating Repairs and Maintenance

This is where we come in. With no problem that is too big or too small, here at Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd we strive to support our customers with every issue that the natural usage of an air conditioning machine presents.

Our team of highly experienced industrial and commercial heating maintenance professionals are ready to ensure that everything is in prime working order on your system, whether you have purchased it with us or another company.

Contact us today if you begin to hear strange noises from your air conditioning machine.

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