What are the Cost Factors of Air Con?

June 28 2017

James Patten


With the constant introduction of new air conditioning systems, it can be relatively confusing on how efficient you can be in regard to which model and make you end up choosing. When running an office, a warehouse or factory, air con is a key factor in terms of how cost-efficient and environmentally aware your business can be.

There are benefits of using evaporative cooling over traditional methods, as well as other ways you can cut down the costs. When running a business have You ever considered the cost factors and how, by doing a few quick tricks and going to the right people, you can reduce your spending?



The installation of an air conditioning system can sometimes come at a bit of a price, and it’s not something you should try to do yourself. However, the installation process can be much more financially efficient and easier if you find a company which both supplies and installs the systems. By purchasing from a business who can do the hard work for you, you can reduce the costs and the risk of complications.

If you buy your air conditioning unit from one place and get someone else to fit it for you, the process may not be synchronised and you have more chance of something going wrong. The expert who sold you the unit will most likely know the system inside and out and will install it how it should be. Sometimes by doing this, not only can the process go more smoothly, you could get a lower price by doing both under one roof.

When searching for a company which can do both look for accreditation such as REFCOM and Gas-Safe. These accreditations will not only give you piece of mind for your business, but you know you’re in the hands of experts!



We all know that the costs of running an air conditioning system can add up, especially in a commercial environment such as a warehouse or factory. The higher the BTU rating, the more electricity you could use, but of course this will vary dependant on the make and model, and what kind of system it is operating through.

A 12,000 BTU air conditioning system (approximately 1,100 watts) can cool a room up to 550 sq. ft., which would cost around £120.00 a month if it was on all day.  If this is the cost of a relatively small room, can you imagine the cost of cooling an entire warehouse or factory?

Don’t worry, there are ways you can lower costs. By following four simple steps you can reduce the costs of running the unit.

  • Avoid putting the system in direct sunlight. Try closing blinds or any shades if possible
  • Keep the filter clean. It can ensure more efficient running
  • Close any nearby windows and doors as this can let warm air in
  • Avoid any unnecessary heat. Machinery can’t be helped

Alternatively, an evaporative cooling system can be the perfect solution to be efficient without wasting energy, meaning reduced costs. These systems use around 90% less energy compared to a traditional system, and can certainly help you reduce your businesses carbon footprint. They can produce 35Kw of cooling power for 1.5Kw of electricity.


Maintenance and Control

With regular maintenance on your commercial air conditioning, you can cost by almost 40%. Similar to a car MOT, your air con system requires quality checks to ensure you are not wasting energy due to an ageing problem, or a fault. From an old component or an unclean one to a generally poorly maintained unit, by taking care of it, you can improve energy consumption by up to 60%.

By understanding how you use the system you can schedule the strength and time of the cooling. With most modern systems, you can change various settings. Consider what operations go on in the building, how you need the air con to work and set the unit appropriately. When the worker is installing the system, make sure you take the chance to ask any questions regarding this.  These are another few factors to consider

  • Make sure all cooling and heating ducts are sealed properly. You can improve efficiency by up to 20% by doing so.
  • When appropriate get your unit upgraded and/or replaced
  • Optimise sustainability by walking with a qualified, accredited contractor
  • Regularly change and upgrade filters
  • Invest in a programmable system or thermostat


If you would like to know any more information regarding our evaporative cooling systems or our other air conditioning units, simply get in touch. Heritage Heating and Cooling supply only the highest quality of products and services to keep your air conditioning costs to a minimum for your specific environment.

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