What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning?

June 29 2022

James Patten


Ever had an employee nod off at their desk? Ever nodded off at your own desk?! When rooms get too warm and stuffy it tends to go hand in hand with a drop in productivity from your staff. In order to keep both yourself and your staff working to their best, could now be the time to invest in an air conditioning system?

Aside from their main purpose of cooling a room, air conditioning units have many extra perks for you and your team.

1. They help to reduce the risk of dehydration

If your industry relies on staff working up a sweat through manual labour it is highly likely that your staff will be at risk of dehydration. The Association of British Dieticians states ‘Fluid is so important in the body that even when levels drop only slightly, we begin to feel the consequences. Low levels of fluid in the body can cause headaches, feelings of dizziness, lethargy and poor concentration’.

An air conditioning unit can help to reduce the risk of dehydration by lowering the ambient air temperature within your commercial working environment which in turn will help to cool your staff members cool.

2. They help keep the air clean

Regardless of whether you work in a dusty warehouse or a desk-filled office, the air which we all share soon becomes stale. Air conditioning units are a great way to remove some of the dirt from the air around us whilst distributing fresh air from the outside. By using specialist filters the air conditioning system will remove both humidity as well as large dust and dirt particles. This process ensures that the air being circulated by the unit comes out cleaner than it went in. The main thing to remember is that filters need to be cleaned regularly. The good news is that Heritage Heating & Cooling Ltd offer a regular maintenance contracts to ensure that your air conditioning units are running to their optimum performance levels.  

3. They can help to keep your employees focused

If your business relies on your staff maintaining their concentration levels then you’ll want to maintain the temperature for your staff too. Air conditioning systems are there to ensure that the temperature of your office, warehouse or factory remains at a constant. By keeping the ambient temperature at a regulated level you will help your team to stay alert and work productively whilst potentially reducing the number of mistakes made too! 

4. They can help prolong the lifespan of your equipment

It can be detrimental both to machinery and technology if they overheat. As well as keeping your staff cool, air conditioning systems do a great job of keeping your equipment at a steady working temperature too. 

5. They can be used as heaters too! 

Most people don’t realise that air conditioning systems are very often efficient heating systems too! By simply adjusting the controls it is very easy to crank up the heat and put your air conditioning unit to work in the winter months too.

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