Useful Places to Have Air Conditioning

April 13 2017

James Patten


Our air conditioning units are eco-friendly solutions that work to keep your building cool and your employees comfortable. They are incredibly popular in offices, although they can also be used in many other spaces. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we are aware of the benefits that this technology offers, which is why we provide this option to a variety of industries.

This means that air conditioning can be installed in places like:


It is important to consider air conditioning when it comes to hotels. After all, the weather is growing increasingly hot with spring already here, and it is vital that your employees and guests are comfortable at all times.

From setting up air conditioning systems that will benefit every room in the building to making sure hot areas, such as the kitchen and the laundry room, are cooled down, air conditioning can make all the difference.


Retail businesses can also suffer from overheated areas. Whether it’s the shop floor, the storage room, the warehouse, the kitchen, etc., it is vital for employees to ensure the spaces are kept at the optimal temperature. The suggested minimum temperature in the workplace is 16oC, as anything above that can cause discomfort, especially if it is for extended periods of time.

If your employees are comfortable, they will be more productive, which will contribute to the overall business efficiency.


Another place that needs air conditioning is airports. The sheer volume of personnel and foot traffic coming and going from airports 24/7 mean that rooms and areas, no matter how big they are, will overheat at some point.

Waiting rooms have large windows where you can enjoy watching the planes take off – however when it’s sunny outside, those windows can quickly make you feel like you’re in a greenhouse! In addition, planes need air conditioning as well, as it prevents overheating due to the hundreds of passengers travelling at one time.


Pubs and bars are heated in winter, with many patrons wanting to share drinks and meals with friends while staying toasty warm. When temperatures increase, however, the opposite is true. Without air conditioning, spending an evening at the pub could be a challenge, especially if it’s packed! Air conditioners distribute cool air evenly so that everyone can benefit from it.

The many applications of air conditioning clearly showcase just how useful the technology is. From offices and factories to hotels, bars and much more, air conditioning keeps your employees and visitors comfortable, so don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions about our products!

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