Under the Weather – (Part One) - The Hottest Places in the World

January 26 2015

James Patten


Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling, we take a lot of notice when it comes to temperatures, and when customers come to us needing something like a garage heater, we’re always happy to oblige. Getting your heating and cooling systems right is incredibly important, after all. However, that’s doubly true in certain areas of the globe, so in this, the first part in a series, we thought we’d take a look at some places in the world that have pretty extreme temperatures, starting with the hottest…

Bangkok, Thailand

Officially recognised as the ‘world’s hottest city’. This status is further reinforced by problems with smog, which means that the hottest days can be 34°C, but with a staggering 90% humidity. Phew.

Dallol, Ethiopia

The hottest inhabited place in the entire world, Dallol also has the highest average air temperature of any known location, measuring in at around 34°C. It also has the highest recorded annual temperature, and the heat is relentless throughout the year. Sparsely populated these days, it was actually a mining settlement in the 60s, but we can’t blame people for looking for a cooler spot!

Death Valley, California

You knew it was coming. Death Valley boasts the highest temperature ever to be directly recorded, and this heat is largely due to the incredibly low situation of the region. Rain does fall though, and flowers have been known to grow in the aftermath of such deluges. There’s also a curious tale that tells of a phenomenon that seems to ‘move’ rocks around, but quite how it happens is still debated.

Dasht-e Lut, Iran

Death Valley may top the list for direct heat readings, but Dasht-e Lut registered an even higher temperature in 2005, although it was notched up by a NASA satellite. A contender for the driest place in the world, temperatures here can creep past the 70°C mark, and literally nothing can survive at the heart of this desert plateau; not even bacteria. If anywhere needs a cooling system, it’s here.

You may not live in one of the world’s hottest areas, but there will still be times in the year when you have a need for a cooling (and sometimes even heating) system, and when the need strikes the Heritage Heating and Cooling team are on hand to help. We can both install and maintain all such solutions, so contact us by calling 01509 814 123 or email info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk to ensure that you’re never caught out by an extreme temperature in your workplace.

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