Think Yourself Warm

March 6 2015

James Patten


There’s no denying that our minds are pretty amazing, and whilst this might sound a little off the wall, according to a growing body of scientific research it is in fact possible to “think yourself” warm. With this in mind, here we’ll take a look at some rather fascinating strategies for keeping warm that require nothing more than a little brain power.


According to a team of researchers from the University of Singapore, it is in fact possible to control your core body temperature using your mind alone.

The researchers found that meditating using an ancient Tibetan technique known as g-tummo can demonstrably increase an individual’s core body temperature. Earlier research also demonstrated that the same technique can also be used to increase peripheral body temperature too, mainly in a meditator’s fingers and toes.

This exciting discovery could have major implications. For example, these meditation techniques could be used to aid people working in extreme environments.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

One intriguing study has also found that feelings of nostalgia have the ability to warm both the hands and the heart. The study found evidence to suggest that nostalgia can be triggered by colder temperatures and can also increase our perceptions of physical warmth.

This research demonstrated that, when recalling pleasant memories, participants reported feeling warmer than when asked to remember something more ordinary, and they also perceived the ambient temperature of a room as being higher.

These participants also reported feeling more nostalgic on colder days and when seated in a colder room.

Based on their findings, the team behind the study have suggested that nostalgia may act as a sort of emotional “central heating”, so when we feel ourselves becoming cold we become more nostalgic and subsequently less sensitive to the cold.

So next time you’re feeling a little chilly, try taking a walk down memory lane and think happy thoughts.

Social Warmth

We often use temperature related words as a means of describing someone’s demeanour. Intriguingly however, when it comes to temperature and personality, there’s more than meets the eye, and the link between the two is more than just metaphorical.

One fascinating study has demonstrated that our perceptions of physical warmth can be influenced by merely thinking about personality traits relating to communion.

The study showed that participants felt warmer after hearing stories about characters who possessed personality traits such as a caring, loyal, or kind nature than they did after hearing similar stories in which the characters were described as competent or efficient, and it was concluded that warmer hearts make for warmer rooms.

This study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that our brains respond to social warmth with an actual rise in the temperature of our bodies.

Significantly, recent brain imaging studies have also revealed that the brain areas involved in our perception of physical warmth are involved in social warmth, raising the interesting possibility that these two sensations share a common mechanism.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of some rather surprising scientific strategies that can help you to feel warmer. As intriguing as these are, when it comes to keeping warm in winter, you’re going to want to invest in an efficient heating system too. Here at Heritage Heating, we’re providers of a fantastic range of warm air heating solutions; perfect for keeping you and your premises warm when the cold weather starts to bite.

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