“The Weather Outside is Frightful” – Facts About Snow

December 9 2014

James Patten


It’s getting towards the time of year when we start to wonder about the inevitable question that we all ask ourselves in December; we are, of course, talking about ‘will it be a white Christmas?’ Well, we certainly can’t answer that question, but plenty of meteorologists will doubtless be giving it due care and attention soon. However, what we can comment on is that there are an awful lot of myths about snow flying around in the UK, and you probably believe at least a few of them yourself. Here are a few of our favourite snow fallacies for you to enjoy:

Too Hot or Too Cold for Snow…

This mistake encompasses two schools of thought. The first of these contends that the air temperatures need to be at least at freezing point –if not below – for snow to fall. Meanwhile, the second states that it physically cannot snow if the temperature drops too low. The fact is that both of these viewpoints are mistaken. The first stance is debunked by the fact that falling rain can cool warmer air to the point that the droplets actually transform into snow, whilst the second argument is entirely dependent on the moisture levels in the air. It’s true that extremely cold air is often dry, but it can contain enough moisture to bring about snow.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

We’ve all heard the song, and many of us probably don’t acknowledge that the festive season is upon us at all until we’ve heard this classic, but, scientifically at least, you’ll never see those dreams come true. Snowflakes aren’t white at all. No, really, they aren’t! We see them as white because the many translucent sides of each ice crystal reflect the light spectrum to such a degree that we simply see white, but in terms of a ‘colour’ snowflakes are actually clear. Bet you never knew that!

There’s Snow on the Peaks…

Many people think that, in places like the UK, high ground and mountainous areas are always going to be hit by snow before the rest of us. After all, is this not why Scotland tends to get more snow than anywhere else in the country? Well, that’s not strictly true. Not the bit about Scotland, which can be very snowy indeed, but the bit about the mountains is a mistake. It’s entirely dependent on air currents and weather situations, so cold air can frequently hit the South from Europe without ever coming near a peak. You’re not invariably safe from snow on the flat.

One fact about snow that we definitely won’t dispute is the way that it comes with a chill in the air, and therefore we highly recommend that your industrial and commercial heating systems are in good order. There’s nothing worse than trying to function in a cold workplace, and we can even provide specialised solutions like a garage heater to meet your every need. To find out more, be sure to contact us now by calling 01509 814 123 or email info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk.

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