The Physics of Industrial Heating Systems

November 18 2016

James Patten


Physics helps us to understand the world around us; it can be used to create incredible structures around the world and it is used to manufacture items that can be found in the comfort of your own home.

One thing that we can take for granted is our heating systems, whether that be domestic or industrial, but how do they actually work on a physical level?

Fundamentals of Heating Systems

When it comes to the physics behind heating systems, there is one fundamental idea; all industrial air heaters act as a heat pump, meaning that they extract and deliver heat to an area which is at a higher temperature than its surroundings.

In physical terms, the colder region is known as a cold reservoir and the hotter, a hot reservoir. In a heat pump, energy is used so that the cold air being extracted is heated and injected into the hot reservoir; it operates in the exact same way as a refrigerator, but backwards.

Industrial Powrmatic Heating System

How Does This All Come Together?

In industrial heating systems, the energy that is used to convert cold air into warm air comes from the mains power supply. Standard industrial heating systems contain gas, known as gas heaters, or oil, known as oil heaters. The gas or oil inside the heater isn’t burned but used as a heat reservoir, which is then used to heat up the extracted cool air.

As such, traditional industrial heating systems operate by the heat transport method known as convection; one of the most efficient ways of heating a specific environment.

One important benefit of heat pumps is that if the temperature changes are small; for example, if the outside is 0°C and the inside is 22°C, then more heat is supplied than the amount of energy used within the conversion; this makes industrial heating systems very efficient.

Industrial Heating System for Powrmatic

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