Busting Common Heating Myths

September 22 2015

James Patten


It is no secret: unless you work within the heating industry, some of the finer details of heating and air conditioning can very quickly become quite overwhelming.

With terminology such as ‘suspended oil’ and ‘double linear’ as well as a multitude of kW outputs being banded about, trying to pick through the jargon and select a heating system that is best for your commercial property without assistance from the experts can sometimes seem daunting.

With a multitude of conflicting online information available to ‘assist’ you, it can be difficult to know where to start, when you simply need the facts and figures. To help make the process easier for you, we at Heritage Heating and Cooling would like to debunk some of the most common myths that surround warm air systems, providing a clear explanation behind some of the incredibly intricate details that can cause massive confusion for all.

The Myths

One of the most common myths affiliated with warm air heating is the idea that the older the system, the less effective it will be. Some of the misinformation you may hear on this topic include:

  • Warm air heating systems are not used widely anymore, why would you choose to install an old-fashioned system?”
  • “No one repairs old systems like that anymore. What will you do when it breaks down and you can’t get it repaired?”
  • “These systems blow dust and dirt around your home. Do you really want to be cleaning your house or workplace more just because of your out of date heating system?”

We can safely say, as  heating specialists, that none of these things are remotely true; every one of the above claims can be refuted with up-to-date, expert information.

The Facts From the Experts

In recent years, radiators and central heating have surpassed warm air types in terms of popularity within domestic homes. This is due to an exceedingly common myth: central heating is more cost-effective. Although this differs between energy providers, more often than not this is simply not the case, with several statistics indicating that both domestic and commercial owners could be saving between 20% and 40% on monthly heating bills.

Warm air heater available from Heritage HeatingAs heating and cooling experts, we can provide the facts:

  • These heaters, just like most other machines, have progressed with the times and do actually have a 21st century version. These heaters have controls which enable the user to quickly and effectively heat their room to a comfortable temperature. The notion that they are not used anymore is false.
  • As any reputable heating specialist knows, if there is a system that is still in use today, then this system is most certainly serviceable. This is due to the fact that 9/10 times the system will have only been installed within the past 20 years – although the systems do understandably age, they are still classed as modern due to technological developments in this field.Should this be the case, Heritage Heating and Cooling are able to advise on the best course of action for the property owner. In addition, as with all modern items, your product should be under some form of warranty to ensure that it can be repaired or replaced if need be – why waste time on any unnecessary fuss?
  • The way that a warm air heater operates is often a topic of confusion. Air is sucked into the machine, heated and then pushed around the room, allowing the occupants to feel comfortable within their immediate surroundings. This idea is often misinterpreted as many believe that dust can be pulled in and re-distributed, triggering any potential allergies for those in the vicinity.

Once again, this is a complete myth; modern warm air heaters have excellent filtration systems in place that will clean the air in your home or workplace, completely alleviating this issue. In fact, systems with electronic filtration systems will remove 95% of all airborne particles including pollen, human and pet hair and bacteria, creating a much more healthy environment than originally thought.

The Benefits

In addition to the above facts, there are several other benefits of warm air heating that you should be aware of as a business owner.

First and foremost, modern air systems are a fast and efficient way of heating up the surrounding area. Rather than waiting for central heating systems to kick in and begin warming the area up slowly, results from warm air systems can be felt immediately. The systems themselves are compact and manageable, and when compared with bulky radiators, fewer are needed, alleviating any space constraints you may have within your commercial property.

Warm air systems are incredibly quiet, providing a suitable operation in an environment such as an office where noise levels can creep up and cause a disturbance. They are also very energy-efficient, often saving a substantial amount of money for the business owner throughout the year.

Rather than being a hindrance, warm air heating actually benefits your commercial property by cleaning the air and making your building healthier, as well as being an excellent source of heat to warm your warehouse throughout the colder months.

Here at Heritage Heating, we stock a fantastic range of warm air heating systems, why not take a look today?

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