The Heat is On - Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

July 6 2015

James Patten


With one heat wave over and more expected to come at the end of July, it’s no wonder more people are switching on their air conditioning units for longer. But are there other ways to cool down the home and office without over-working your HVAC system?

As industrial and commercial heating and cooling experts, we’ve put together a short guide on how to help you keep cool when the heat is on this summer season, without having to consistently use your HVAC system. Besides, we want you to feel the benefit of these fantastic systems, not take them for granted!

Avoid Hot Food

The best way to start feeling cooler is to begin with your own internal body temperature. Eating cooler food will lower your core body temperature, keeping you cooler for longer. Cool food also needs little or no cooking, so you won’t have the added heat of cooking your food over a hot stove adding to the room temperature.

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Add Trees and Plants Around Your Home

You can minimise how much direct sunlight comes into contact with your building by planting trees and large leafy plants around your property. These plants will block more and more sunlight as they grow, keeping your entire building cool and feeling fresh, as well as making your property look beautiful and natural at the same time.

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Effectively Program Your Thermostat

Many homes and offices have programmable thermostats, and the best way to save money when using them for heating and cooling purposes is to know how to program it effectively.

Air conditioning is best used when it can be appreciated, rather than used all the time. If your HVAC unit is working full pelt all the time, you will begin to adapt and not realise the benefits that it brings to a warm room.

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To effectively cool a warm room with a HVAC system, you need to program your thermostat to be set at a lower temperature during the day when the temperature will be highest. During times when no one will be in the office or home and at night, it’s beneficial to set your thermostat temperature a bit higher than you would have it during the peak hot hours.

This higher temperature, no matter how slightly you increase it can save you money by cutting down on wasted energy while you won’t be benefitting much from the cooling properties of your air conditioning unit, if at all.

Keep Your Windows Shut

It is so tempting to open a window when the temperature outside heats up. We want to let as much fresh air in as possible, and on some warm days that have a cool breeze, it can be beneficial.

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However, like the heat wave that has just passed, sometimes even the air is warm, especially when there is little to no wind. Once you open a window in this kind of weather, you are letting that warm air into your office or home, and if you have fans on, you will continually circulate this warm, humid air around rather than cooling, fresh air.

Keeping your windows closed and using a fan or air conditioning unit will help you circulate refreshingly cool air around the room.

With more heat waves on the way, we hope that some of these tips help you keep cool in the sweltering heats of summer. Heritage Heating is here to help with all your commercial and industrial heating and cooling needs. From our wall mounted air conditioning systems to our Powrmatic heating solutions; when you are looking for the very best HVAC systems, think Heritage Heating.

If you would like to know more about how our units can help your business this summer, contact us by calling 01509 814 123 today and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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