Reducing Heat Loss in Industrial Properties

November 21 2016

James Patten


Heating your industrial property can be expensive due to not only the size of the building, but also its specific heating needs. A regulated temperature allows for an increase in business efficiency, resulting in energy conservation and decreased energy bills.

Heat loss prevents the smooth functioning of your business and increases your costs, both short and long term. You can implement measures to ensure your industrial property retains heat and that temperature is maintained efficiently.


Insulate Your Building

Insulating your building’s roof prevents air from naturally moving to colder areas. This movement results in a high percentage of heat loss and higher energy consumption, but through high-quality insulation, you can prevent warm air from escaping and drastically affect your property’s temperature. Walls and floors also benefit from insulation to guarantee an adequate heat retention.


Double Glazed Windows

Helping to minimise energy costs, double glazed windows are an optimal way of ensuring the decrease of heat loss in buildings. As double glazed windows are composed of two panes of glass, air gets trapped between them which acts as insulation.

The thermal benefits of these windows aren’t only felt through the colder months; summer and warm weather can affect your stock if you own a warehouse, and double glazed windows also aid with keeping your property cooler when temperatures are higher. In conjunction with your industrial heating, you will have an effective heat loss prevention system.


Install Efficient Heating

Radiant heating is an efficient heating solution for your industrial building; it aids you in heating your industrial building with very little heat loss. As this system doesn’t heat the air, any doors left open won’t affect the temperature balance in your building. Objects around the heater receive the radiant energy and subsequently heat other objects and people in its surroundings.

Through this method, the temperature in your building will feel natural like a summer day, as objects act as secondary heaters. The floors also heat up, providing an inexpensive and thorough way of keeping your property and employees warm.


Reducing heat loss with an efficient heating solution easily allows you to reduce energy costs and properly regulate the temperature of your building. At Heritage Heating and Cooling we provide a wide range of heating and cooling systems to suit the requirements of your industrial property.

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