Recovering from a Rainy Summer

August 25 2017

James Patten


Industrial buildings such as warehouses are typically built with high ceilings and heating solutions are usually required throughout the year. As such, heating solutions that are specific for industrial buildings are needed. Industrial heating can help to recover from rainy summers, as they often cause damage to the integrity of constructions.

Damp and mould are big issues with buildings, particularly ones in which specific conditions need to be met. Lots of domestic and commercial settings have garages that are used for storage and ensuring you have effective garage heating will keep the damp at bay and protect your belongings.


Specific Units for Increased Efficiency

With a wide range of options for heating in your industrial building, it is vital that you choose the right ones that will benefit your business the most. Having your building up and running as soon as possible and recovering from a rainy summer can be vital depending on your industry. Industrial heating provides you with both comfort and efficiency, as a cold and damp building provides an inefficient environment.

Should you require to heat small spaces, then suspended compact heaters are ideal. They require very little space and they are very easy to install. Whether you need a heater for open flue installation or sealed room, these units will provide the heating you need.

With industrial buildings, there is often a need for frequent door opening and closing. These actions can lead to increased heat loss, which decreases the efficiency of your building. Air curtains are units that help to complement other industrial heaters and are perfect for factories, cold rooms, shops, and warehouses.


Maintenance and Health with Warm Air Heating

Ensuring that your industrial heater has been properly maintained throughout summer allows for fewer issues at the start of autumn. With September just around the corner, it is likely that the rainy summer will be extended to a rainy autumn. The less downtime your unit has, the more benefits you will see in your building overall.

Your employees will also have increased productivity, as a result of warm air heating, as damp can lead to mould and to respiratory complications. Asthma, for example, can become worse can evolve to asthma attacks if the proper environment isn’t provided.


Several Types of Units for a Uniform Approach

As different industrial heating units provide different benefits, mixing these units and using several of them will ensure better conditions throughout all year. To help prevent a rainy summer from causing too much damage, which can sometimes be irreversible, having heating units installed and operational throughout the entire year is essential.

With room temperatures being controlled and units used to ensure the entire building has a similar temperature from top to bottom, it is possible to lower the thermostat and conserve more energy. The same level of comfort can still be achieved, and your employees will also benefit. This also applies to the likes of garage heating.

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