Preparing Your Commercial Work Environment for Summer

June 4 2015

James Patten


Summer is officially here, and as such you will want to prepare your work environment for the season ahead. From covering employees who are away on holiday to making sure your work environment is as comfortable as possible, there’s plenty for you to do to get your workplace ready for summer.

As Heritage Heating and Cooling, we know how to keep temperature under control, so here are a few tips on how to prepare your commercial work environment for summer.


Temporary Staff

Summertime is a period where a lot of your staff will want to take time off to spend time with their friends and family, as well as enjoying the warmer weather. In order to make sure you don’t fall behind with production or lose out on any custom, you may want to consider hiring temporary staff just for the summer period.

Remember, university students are particularly keen to secure a part-time job over summer, so you won’t struggle to find people who are eager to put in the effort while your full-time members of staff are off on holiday.

Air Conditioning

In the UK, our summer temperatures can tend to fluctuate between beautiful sunny days and cold rainy days, so it can be difficult to maintain an indoor room temperature that will suit your requirements throughout the season.

Air conditioning can provide not only a cooler work environment, but also efficient warm air heating. This means that, by installing an industrial standard air conditioning system, you can maintain a consistent room temperature in your work environment all year round.

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Making the Most of the Weather

Summer can be one of the most distracting times of year for your employees; everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sun, and not spending the nicest days in the office. This can significantly lower your workforce’s productivity and morale.

To counteract this, allow your employees to spend a productive day out in the sun by organising an outdoors team building day. This will not only boost productivity and morale when your employees are back at their desks, but also give them the opportunity to build firmer relationships with their colleagues.


Preparing your workplace for every season is important for the productivity and efficiency of your business, and controlling your room temperature is no exception. At Heritage, we can help you to keep temperatures under control with our wide range of commercial air conditioning units and industrial heaters. To see how we can help you, contact us today on 01509 814 123.

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