Organising Your Garage

September 8 2015

James Patten


Winter is coming. Never has a famous phrase had a more adequate timing or suited so well than now. So with that, we give you garage heaters, the way around dressing for the arctic just to go to the bottom of the garden or to visit the car!

We want to make sure that when you get sent down to the garage, you’re going to be comfortable working there! We also want to show you all the stuff you can have in your garage without it looking like the mess it really is!


  • Okay, our first tip is for those of you who have cars in the garage! Is it a squeeze to get out? Do you narrowly miss the wall every time?


We suggest getting a pool noodle, those long poles of foam, and cutting it in half length-ways, nail it in the at the height that the door will hit the wall at, and ta-DA! You have your very own protector which will make sure your car doors stay beautiful!

  • Okay, so we’ve seen this tip all over the internet… put storage boxes on your ceiling!

First step with this is to make sure that all of your boxes are the same type, you don’t want some hanging lower down than others and you don’t want them to be too heavy either. You also want to make sure that they have chunky handles that will be able to grip!

  • Our next little storage love is more shelves and work tables!

What if you don’t have any more room for a much needed worktable? Well… why not have a collapsing one? You can have a small shelf above it which holds all bits and bobs which would usually sit out on the side of the table. It also means that you’ve given yourself even more space to collect even more junk, we know you want to!

Tool Shed


  • Our last little tip is to seriously look at your walls and what you’re using them for, how much stuff do you have propped up against a wall that turns into some dangerous game where you attempt to remove the garden rake, why not reconsider that wall space?

It’s a simply genius move, removing the garden tools, bicycles, ladders from the floor and place them like your newest trophies, up onto the walls. If everything’s up on the walls, then you have even more floor space for your new garage heater!

We know that building all of these will keep you warm, but what about afterwards? While you’re doing all the little jobs, like trying to fix the door hinge or make a new bit of skirting board? For this, you will need a heater in your garage!

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