Life Before Modern Air Conditioning

June 30 2014

James Patten


Over the years, the use of air conditioning has transformed from simply being a privilege to being a seasonal necessity in both residential buildings and places of work. With British temperatures fluctuating from one extreme to the other during the four seasons, it is inevitable that most air conditioning systems do not get a break from maintaining optimal temperatures for us all year round.

As the leading provider of air conditioning in Derby, we at Heritage Heating and Cooling always emphasise the importance of heating and air conditioning and how much we depend on these systems, especially in work places. In today’s modern and technologically advanced world it is very difficult to imagine life without air conditioning, so how did people cope before this revolutionary invention was developed?

Amazingly, modern air conditioning was unheard of until the early 1900s. Inventor Willis Carrier developed the first modern air conditioning system in 1902. Carrier developed this ingenious idea when he discovered that he could pass dry air through water to create fog. This way, he could manipulate the amount of moisture in air, and after a year, he managed to build an invention that controlled humidity, which was the birth of the air conditioning system.

However, prior to this comfortable era, people had to adopt more primitive means of regulating temperatures to cope during the different seasons. Buildings were designed to suit each area’s climatic conditions. Typically, houses and places of work had more windows and higher ceilings to enhance airflow during the hot summers. In addition, many residential homes were built with porches where people would sit to cool down while socialising.

Lighting wood fires for warmth was another highly effective temperature regulation method during freezing winter nights. The ceiling fan was invented two decades before air conditioning, giving people another temperature control option. Architectural designs were not the only means of regulating temperatures. Other methods like handheld fans and taking naps during the hot days were on the list.

There are many other traditional ways of controlling temperature that people have adopted in the past, which were not as effective as modern air conditioning. Today we rely on air conditioning to the extent that industrial regulations demand businesses to install these appliances on their properties. As we discussed earlier, at Heritage Heating we provide air conditioning in Coventry to help your company comply with the set regulations. Contact us on 01509 814 123 for more information about our services.

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