Keeping the Heat Inside: Is Your Business Unintentionally Losing Heat?

February 5 2016

James Patten


Keeping your business heated during winter requires more than simply investing in powrmatic heating – although this gives you a fantastic advantage.

The best heating system in the world could be useless if you’re letting heat escape by other means. It’s important that you carry out a full assessment of your commercial or industrial business, in order to identify the areas in which heating seems to be escaping.

Once you’ve dealt with these issues, you’ll be able to fully reap the benefits of your powrmatic heating system!

Windows & Doors

It’s no surprise that the number one cause of heat escaping from a room is a result of a window or door being left open. They’re definitely a major source of heat loss – whether being lost through small gaps or when fully open.

If you’re feeling a draft when stood by the windows in your property, it’s likely that you have a problem that needs fixing. By using double glazing, you can reduce the amount of heat that is lost. This is because the gap between the two panes of glass is filled with air – this is a poor conductor of heat so the loss is therefore reduced.

Doors actually let out more heat than windows do but we tend to remember to close them more than windows. Even so, it’s important to actively close doors at all times. It can also be lost through the gaps around the door – these may require you to fill them in.

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Is the roof of your building properly insulated? If not, you could be losing a lot of heat because of this. It’s essential to insulate any roof space that you have. It’s worth noting that unfilled external cavity walls are also a brilliant and cheap way of reducing the amount of heat loss from your building.

Electric Outlets

Did you know that your electric wall outlets or switches could be the reason for heat loss? Heat is easily lost through small gaps between the outlets – you might not even notice it happening. Prevent this by purchasing foam gaskets to block the gaps around all fixtures.

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If you’re looking for a high quality heating solution for your industrial or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Heritage Heating.

We can help you choose the heating (or cooling) system that is best for your business, therefore saving you money and energy in the long term.

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