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October 2 2015

James Patten


October, the final frontier. Beyond this month of rustic red leaves and barren branches, beyond the excitement of ghosts and ghouls running about town at the end of the month, beyond pumpkins, toffee apples and cold mornings we have; the winter months. Once the 31st comes to pass we’re well on our way to hats, scarves, gloves and ice forming inside our warehouses and businesses.

There’s no need for that. We’ve spoken many times before about just how important temperature is in your office and warehouse. Too hot and your employees can suffer as they work, too cold and they can become lethargic and sick. A happy medium is all that’s needed and a decent, working industrial heating system can help you achieve just that.

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What if the unimaginable happens though? What if, when the time comes, you flick a switch and your heater splutters to life before dying on you? What do you do then but supply your dedicated employees with hot drinks and a woolly hat each? First of all, you keep calm. Secondly, you call our experienced team.

Helping you Maintain that Heat!

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is a must if you want to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty as well as to ensure you’re system is fully functional when you need it the most. We like to go that extra mile for all of our customers, that’s why our experienced team are specialists in Ambi-Rad, Combat, Powrmatic, Rezner, Fujitsu and Mides.

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What if You Have a Different Model?

It’s not every day you come across a service which caters for every make and model imaginable.

Our highly experienced team are more than qualified to take care of other heating and cooling systems whether we’ve installed them for you or not. Their vehicles are their tool boxes, more likely than not, whether you need a single nut or an entirely spar part, our team will have exactly what you require!

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Do Our Services Stretch to Your Business?

The simple matter is that we cater for all business types. We want you to be warm during the winter and cool during the summer. We want to help you boost your workability and efficiency in the best way we can; by keeping your temperature conditions just right.

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No matter what size your business is, no matter where you’re located in the UK, our dedicated team are here to help you maintain your systems to the best possible standards. For more information about our maintenance service, contact us today on 01509 814 123.

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