Is Your Business Making Your Customers Uncomfortable?

January 4 2016

James Patten


The biggest part of a business is keeping your customers happy, because at the end of the day, if they receive bad customer service then you would have no business to speak of. Good customer service is about tending to people’s needs – and when you have a customer-facing business, this includes their comfort!

Think about every time you’ve been to a restaurant and it’s been so cold in there that you’ve had to keep your coat on, or when you’ve felt like you were going to faint in a shop because it was too warm. Making sure your environment is at a comfortable and relaxing temperature could be the deciding factor to whether they come back to you or not.

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Tweak temperatures to suit your space.

Depending on the size of your space, you’re going to want to choose a heater that packs enough of a punch to heat the whole of your space quickly so you’re ready for customers from the word go. If your space is small, it won’t take much to heat the room, so be careful you don’t stifle your customers by making it too stuffy. To save on energy, choose a heater which is proportionate to the area you’re heating which will also avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

However, a bigger space will require a bit more horse power. Ensure you create the right ambient temperature for people who walk through the door – if it’s cold outside, make them linger a little longer by keeping them toasty inside.

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Cater for your customer.

Commercial spaces such as stores may have a separate section for the fitting rooms. Trying on clothes can be an arduous task, so perhaps installing an air conditioning system in this section of the shop may make it less likely for customers to work up an uncomfortable sweat when trying on pair after pair of jeans.

Of course, installing an air con unit in the main body of your store or other commercial space would also make sure that a cool relief is supplied for the muggy summer months.

Not only must you have your customers in mind, but you want to avoid discomfort for yourself in a working environment as it can have a negative impact on your productivity. If you’re looking to invest in a good quality heater for a commercial space, our team of commercial heating engineers have provided a range of heaters for you to choose from at Heritage Heating.

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