Is There a Link? Customer Satisfaction and Temperature Regulation

June 26 2017

James Patten


Whether you and your trolley are doing the monthly food shop, or you’re boarding your flight for your holiday abroad, you will most likely realise the change in temperature.

There is much research to suggest that temperature in certain situations can affect human behaviour, emotion and customer satisfaction. This is linked to scientific research (Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) which explored the perceptual, cognitive and psychomotor performance of customers. Parts of the research found that rooms with a lower temperature showed more customer orientated behaviour. In another experiment, they used temperature to evoke positive attitude in customer behaviour. The results confirmed that different temperatures do in fact affect customer satisfaction and their overall experience. This is why it is crucial to ensure you have warm air heating maintenance to ensure it is working at optimum performance at all times

So, what does this mean for certain industries and how important is it to maintain and monitor the temperatures of environments?

Waiting Rooms and Healthcare

Even though many of us don’t specifically want to be in a dentist reception or a doctor waiting room, we will most likely be in that situation at some point. These areas are perhaps the most crucial to keeping the temperature right, although it can be a tricky one. Commonly, when in this environment, the customer isn’t feeling 100%, and the temperature can either make the situation worse, or much better, resulting in the satisfaction of the customer going one of two ways.



Whether a fashion retail outlet, or a shopping centre, these locations are crucial to keep the temperature maintained. The comfort and experience of customers is one of the highest priorities on retailer’s checklists Especially if they spend any amount of time trying on garments and browsing; their satisfaction is key if you want them to return to your business.

Airlines and Airports

When on an aeroplane you are most likely going to be spending quite a bit of time in a confined space. This is the same as waiting around to board the plane. For airlines, this can be essential- especially with the number of airlines and the reputations of brands in this sector, the customers satisfaction and their comfort is a high priority. Make sure the air conditioning is at the correct level for the length of flight, and your customers are at their most comfortable so they will choose your airline again.


Restaurants and Pubs

Again, on the list of priorities in a restaurant or a pub, the customer satisfaction is vital. Whether the customers are sat eating a meal or having a relaxing beverage, they don’t want air conditioning blasting over their food or a warm breeze making them too hot and uncomfortable in your establishment. Consider what most of your customer base will be there for- whether eating or drinking, and maintain your temperature accordingly. Take into consideration the season, and the outside weather conditions.


The air conditioning and heating system in a hotel room can be the difference between a happy customer and a negative review online. If you provide all customers with a high-quality system and the choice of temperatures there should be no qualms. You want your customers to leave feeling relaxed and happy, and to return for another visit. To ensure they can be kept in great conditions, warm air heating maintenance is vital so the guests never experience poor service, or poor room conditions.


Food Shopping

When doing your regular family Food shopping or just picking up a few items mid-week, the temperature is one of the aspects which is on your radar. You want your chilled goods to be chilled and your shelved products to be neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature in a food retail store is crucial, especially when your customers may be spending a bit of time in the shop. When you must comply to regulations the temperature it is even more important.

Companies should be constantly monitoring the temperature to prevent harmful bacteria developing and that foods and other products are in perfect condition, to make for a pleased customer.

These are just a few of the industries which count on customer satisfaction, and with the major link between temperature and customer approval so evident and crucial, businesses can’t afford to stray on their temperature monitoring. Other establishments such as museums, galleries, cinemas, and even indoor sports areas and indoor kids play areas could focus more energy and time on their air conditioning and industrial heating system, as it come be the difference between a returning, happy customer, and a not so happy one.


At Heritage Heating, we believe customer satisfaction is key all the time, as you wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for the custom they give. If you would like to know any more information regarding our air conditioning systems and how we can maintain your product, simply get in touch. We would love to help you get 10/10 for customer satisfaction!



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