Is It Spring Yet?

February 19 2015

James Patten


The days are gradually getting longer and – slightly – warmer, and everybody’s looking forward to being able to put away the thick winter coats and jumpers and embrace spring. But are we there yet?

Officially, no. There are two main definitions for the start of the season and, whichever you choose, we have a little way to go yet.

Meteorological Spring

By the meteorological definition, spring is literally just around the corner – only ten days away! Meteorological seasons are based on annual temperature cycles; they measure the meteorological state and coincide with the calendar so we get a clear transition between the seasons.  By this definition, spring begins on the first of March and lasts until the end of May.

Astronomical Spring

By the astronomical definition, we have to wait a lot longer. The astronomical definition of the seasons is based on the tilt and wobble of the earth, which causes the amount of daylight we get to fluctuate through the year. Because of this tilt, the days are longest at the height of summer and shortest in the depths of winter. Spring begins at the vernal equinox, when the days and nights are roughly at an equal length. This year, that will be on the 20th March.

Spring Weather

What spring actually means for you can depend on where you are in the country; northern parts of the UK tend to see colder temperatures than the south, where it warms up a little more quickly. However, overall it tends to be relatively calm and dry, with the nights staying cool and the days warming up. This can make it tricky to balance your heating; spring is a transitional period, so you don’t want the same level of heating through the day as you would need in winter, but you still don’t want your workers coming in to a cold office in the morning.

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