Introducing the New Powrmatic Climapac

November 7 2014

James Patten


If you read our last blog, you may have spied a picture of the brand new Powrmatic Climapac at the bottom of the article, and wondered just what this ingenious introduction to our stock actually was. Because of that, we thought that we’d take a closer look at the Climapac in this latest feature, and give you some details about what makes it so handy, and where it is best suited to be most useful.


The Climapac is a Twin Duct air conditioner unit that’s designed with convenience in mind at every turn. Not requiring an F-Gas Certificate, a Climapac is easy to install, can be up and running in a remarkably short time, and is intended to be affixed in a position that’s fairly high up a wall. Whilst this obviously places it in a very visible place, the aesthetics of the Climapac are incredibly trim, and that lofty situation gives it a number of other advantages as well.

By being high up, the Climapac can function exceptionally efficiently, cooling the air over a widespread radius, and it also frees up a lot of the floor space that can be lost where more bulky ground-based HVAC equipment is involved. What’s more, the Climapac is highly energy efficient too, so if you’re a modern business representative with an eye on the environment, you can rest assured that the Climapac is the ideal investment to make.


In terms of where the Climapac is suited to be used, it would probably be much easier to ask ‘where isn’t it suited to be used?’ Seriously though, the Climapac has been designed to be as adaptable as possible, and the list of possible applications includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Apartments.
  • Houses.
  • Temporary Habitations.
  • Caravans.
  • Offices.
  • Retail Premises.
  • Hotels and Serviced Suites.
  • Communication Rooms.
  • Gyms.
  • Dental and Medical Practices.

As you can see, that’s quite a long list! One of the best things about the Climapac is that it’s virtually silent, which means that it can be used in situations where other HVAC equipment might be too noisy. For example, the roar of some HVAC equipment is enough to disrupt the concentration levels of even the most well ordered office or medical premise, yet you’ll get no such distraction with the Climapac. Quite simply, it can be used wherever you have need of it.


We’ve outlined a lot of details about the Climapac already, but perhaps you’re still not convinced? Well the Climapac’s specifications don’t stop there, so if you’re still on the fence thinking ‘why should I buy one of these?’, here are a few more reasons to convince you:

  • The unit is a complete package with an in-built evaporator, meaning that no external unit is needed.
  • That aforementioned wall-mounted design allows air intake to occur through the wall, using inlets or outlets to achieve this.
  • Thanks to a heat pump, heated air is also possible using the Climapac, and side-mounted heaters in the style of ‘speakers’ offer even more coverage.
  • The Climapac is fully remote-controlled in terms of both temperature and timing.

Hopefully, you’ve now got more of an idea about just what the new Climapac from Powrmatic is offering, and we’re happy to say that this HVAC system is now available right here at Heritage Heating and Cooling. The Climapac isn’t just about cooling, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’ll wait until the summer; you can be making use of it right now! Whenever you require a cutting edge industrial, commercial or garage heater, contact us now by phone on 01509 814 123 or email We’ll always be happy to help.

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