Importance of Warm Air Heating Maintenance When It's Cold

October 17 2017

James Patten


The regular maintenance of your heating system should never be underestimated, be it commercial or industrial heating. There are many benefits to keeping it fine-tuned throughout the year. Your warm air heater should be serviced annually to keep it running economically and correctly. With autumn well underway and winter fast approaching, your warm air heating system needs to be able to heat up your workplace, especially in environments where heating is crucial. So, why exactly should you carry out maintenance during winter?

Improves Energy Efficiency

When your warm air heating system needs to be switched on for long periods of time in order to heat up a workspace, it’s important that you ensure its quality over time – including in winter. After all, if your heater receives regular maintenance all year round, it is more likely to remain energy-efficient.

Parts will be cleaned and cleared of anything that may compromise the heating system; this debris tends to accumulate over time and may cause unnecessary strain on the warm air heater and prevent it from heating up a space properly. This waste of energy will be felt in the energy bills.

Prevents Repairs and Downtime

If you ensure that your warm air heater is maintained even during winter, especially if you want it to be running all the time (or for prolonged periods of time), then you can prevent repairs. These repairs can be costly, meaning that a well-timed servicing can catch a problem before it becomes too difficult and expensive to fix.

In addition, repairing a unit may cause disruption of work and downtime, so ensuring your warm air heater is maintained is clearly crucial to keep up normal business hours.

Ensures Safety

A warm air heater needs to be efficient but also safe. When there’s even a slight problem with the unit, safety might be compromised. Be it in an industrial or commercial setting, you can’t take a chance when it comes to the safety of your employees, such as the possibility of dangerous carbon monoxide levels in the workplace. These risks can be caught early on and avoided by fully trained Gas Safe engineers who regularly look into your warm air heating unit.

Another way that regular maintenance ensures safety is by preventing the propagation of bacteria and microbes. These organisms may grow in the dirt that tends to accumulate inside heating units over time if they’re not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis which manufacturers recommend to be once a year; this can, in turn, make employees ill and will then decrease work productivity or contribute to an increase in sick days.

Servicing a warm air heating unit in preparation for winter will help to keep it running properly for a long time. You can also prevent serious issues from arising and even cut down costs by ensuring regular maintenance. If you have any questions about this or any of our heating products, just get in touch with our friendly team on 01509 814 123 and we will be happy to help with anything you require.

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