How to Practise Sports on a Hot Day

August 10 2016

James Patten


The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have literally just begun last week, starting on the 5th of August. Seeing talented athletes from all over the world may be very entertaining, but it can also be encouraging. Perhaps when you watched Andrew Murray’s beautiful tennis shots you felt nostalgic thinking about your own rackets stored in the garage.

Are you wanting to make the most of your free time this summer and practise some of your favourite sport? Great! However, be aware that the high temperatures of the summer months can be something your body is not really used to when exercising.

  1. Choose Cooler Hours

Heat builds up during the day, so chances are that if you go play tennis at lunch time you will start sweating the very first minute of your match, which isn’t really ideal. Act smart and schedule exercise time during those times of the day when temperatures are low. If you don’t like waking up at 6am in the morning, there is still the option of exercising in the evenings.

  1. Wear Appropriate Gear

Those leggings may have been ideal during the winter, but summer calls for shorts. Don’t be shy, choose lighter and more open clothes – you’ll be glad you did so when you are in the middle of your workout! Besides, soft colours such as white don’t attract as much sunlight. Also, try and choose clothes that are made of breathable materials.

  1. Get Acclimatised

If you are finding difficult to run during an especially hot week, that doesn’t mean you have to stop to doing any exercise all of a sudden. Just make sure you let your body acclimatise to the hotter weather gradually. Instead of running your normal 45 minutes, start with a shorter amount of time and increase it day by day. That way, you will prevent conditions such as heat stroke.

  1. Keep Hydrated

If you play a football match with your friends on a sunny August day, you are bound to be sweating a lot. Your body will be losing water very quickly, so you need to make sure you are drinking enough water to restore this loss. Stay away from sports drinks, though. They are loaded with calories but are not as effective to combat dehydration and are more targeted at energy and endurance.

As a rule, drink plenty of water after a sports activity – and, ideally, in small sips. This will leave your body ready to do more exercise!

  1. Fruity Snacks

How about a cycle ride? Summer is ideal to grab your bike and go out on a trek all over the beautiful countryside. However, the heat can make this activity less enjoyable, so to make sure your energy levels are always on top, bring enough snacks to keep you happy and energised along the way.

At this time of the year, try and avoid dry foods such as crackers or energy bars. They require your body to add water, which is not ideal. That’s why the best items to bring along are juicy snacks such as fruits.

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