How to Make Your Office Space Feel Cosy

September 18 2015

James Patten


There is only so much that the Powrmatic heater can do in an office to make it warm, sometimes you just need the adage of something that looks warm for your brain to recognise it as warm.

Tea with lemon on a cold day

Wear Warm

With winter coming quickly, we will start by saying that you really need to wrap up warm for outside!

Get your clothes on, to have a good time… layer it up! A thin t-shirt, a shirt or blouse, respectively, with a large over-bearing jumper, scarf and coat combo should keep you warm no matter where you are. Unless you are on the equator, then please do not put this many clothes on, it will be far too warm!

Look warm

Look at the materials of the clothes you’re wearing, are they thin and strappy, consisting of cooling silk? You need wool and thick cotton! Get something waterproof to protect yourself, but we noticed that by wearing thicker feeling clothes, you feel warmer than you would otherwise.

Also, we’re not stating the old wives tale about wet hair is true, but if you blow dry your hair, when you leave the house you’ll feel a lot snugger then trying to navigate the cold wind with wet hair slapping you in the face.

Portrait of a beautiful young Ukrainian embroidered shirt

Office Warm

Now you look and feel warm, let’s tackle the office! Most offices have bland colours, which are brilliant in the summer as the reflect light and heat, making you feel cooler. In the winter though, the white or off cream is no longer helping. It’s still cooling you down.

Do you have desk dividers?

Put some cloth on them, drape it across!

Putting bits and pieces on your dividers will make them seem cosier, and trap heat. Often, people we’ve seen do this use tartan or scarves. This is because they are materials most people commonly associate warmth with.

When dressing yourself up for the outside, investigate with what makes you feel the warmest, without the sweat and then put that material on your desk!

Warm Kitty - iStock_000057919784_Medium

Always have a mug on your desk

To fill with tea or coffee immediately! Holding something warm will make you register heat, and appreciate it more as you down the amazing liquid!

Bring in things from home-

Only little bits and pieces which make you feel warmer, maybe a little blanket to drape across your legs during the day, or will loop round your desk, as a drought filter.

Let there be light!

Have your own little office light, not only is it incredibly helpful for when you have to stay behind when everyone else has gone home, they emit a lot of heat!

Fairy lights in a jar

If you’re in need of a commercial heater, then please contact us today!

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