How to Improve Cost Efficiency in Factories

July 13 2020

James Patten


Reducing production costs is essential in factories. At Heritage Heating, we understand that factories can have multiple temperature needs as well, which can often increase costs – for instance, a food manufacturing factory will more than likely have freezer rooms.

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For this reason, it’s essential that these requirements are taken care of in a cost-efficient manner. There are several ways to do this, some of which we’re discussing in more detail below.

Get Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

One of the best ways to cut down costs in your factory is by investing in energy-efficient factory heating and cooling systems. So, if your current system is old, it’s probably due for a replacement as well, since modern equipment has been designed to be eco-friendly.

You can find many environmentally-friendly solutions at Heritage Heating, which are not only high-quality, but which will also be suitable for a range of factory settings. From the plant floor to the offices, we can help you to find the perfect system for your business’ needs.

Our variety of products also mean that you don’t have to compromise on other key elements, such as size and functionality.

When your heating and cooling systems are efficient, you can save more money at the end of the month by reducing the electric bill. This is especially important if you need to run the heating or cooling unit on a regular basis.

We’ve written an article on how to improve the efficiency of your HVAC, so give it a read for useful tips.


Reduce Overheads

Most of the time, your overheads can be analysed and adapted to your current needs. This means that you should look into your expenditure often, from utilities to insurance, since this can help you to figure out where to save money.

Figure out how much budget should be spent on overheads and explore different solutions to keep costs downs or to eliminate them. For instance, you may not use a particular piece of software or machine very much, so consider whether you actually need it. Chances are you don’t and, by going through your outgoings like this, you can boost your profits.

Reduce Waste by Investing in Lean Manufacturing

It’s also important to minimise the amount of waste in your factory in order to improve its cost-efficiency. Many businesses lose a lot of money through waste, so there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to run a leaner manufacturing facility.

Pay special attention to overproduction, for example. If you create more products that what you’re able to sell, you may end up having to stick a lower price tag on them, which will affect your profits. The same goes for your inventory. Make sure you don’t have more than the market demands, because you can be wasting money by holding stock that’s taking a while to sell.

Another key element of lean manufacturing is to ensure that the transportation of goods is also thoughtful. Incorrect transport, for instance, can lead to damages, which means you won’t be able to sell the product.

It’s better to avoid having to correct your work as well. Corrections are not just time-consuming, they can also be expensive. Whether you have to fix work that has already been done or have to repeat a process, you want to make it perfect the first time around to prevent waste.

Boost Productivity

When your employees are happy, they are also productive. Boosting productivity, therefore, means improving staff satisfaction by offering benefits, a good work-life balance, a fair wage, and more. Another way to boost this satisfaction and productivity is by having the right conditions on the factory floor, which includes a good temperature.

Our heating and cooling systems allow you to set the most comfortable temperatures for your employees, which helps them to be more productive as well.

Follow the Best Quality Practices

If you comply with the latest ISO 9001 standards, you are more likely to ensure quality in your factory, since this certification outlines the requirements needed to provide quality products, to improve customer satisfaction and to improve system processes.

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Always Negotiate

As a manufacturer, you will want to build strong, lasting relationships with suppliers and other partners, which can help you to be successful. You don’t have to accept the first price you’re given to achieve this, however. It’s important that you renegotiate better rates if you want your bottom-line to see the difference.


As industrial heating and office air conditioning suppliers, we can give you a few cost-saving ideas for your factory. It’s better to cut costs by being efficient than by sacrificing quality, so make sure that any measures you implement take this into consideration.

If you’d like to learn more about our factory cooling and heating products and services, from their energy-efficiency to their size or design, we can help. Just get in touch with our team today.

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